Fish and Game lowers limits on Russian River sockeye

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has reduced the bag and possession limits for sockeye salmon at the Russian River.

According to a Monday media release, limits for sockeye salmon will return to three per day and six in possession at the Russian River and Kenai River fly-fishing-only area, downstream to Skilak Lake on the Upper Kenai River.

As of July 12, Fish and Game has counted 48,690 sockeye at its weir at the outlet of Lower Russian Lake, according to its reported fish counts. That number exceeds the early run escapement goal by more than 8,000 fish. However, the late run of sockeye salmon — when counts will reset — begins on July 15.

The escapement goal for late run sockeye salmon to the Russian River is 30,000 to 111,000 fish.

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