Troopers beef up holiday enforcement

If you’re out partying this weekend, you might want to think twice about getting behind the wheel. State Troopers will be conducting focused holiday traffic enforcement targeting impaired drivers.


The statewide effort, which launched Dec. 13, is part of a national campaign funded through the National Traffic Safety Administration.

The federal funds help cover the costs of overtime needed to keep troopers on the roadways longer and to overlap their shifts, Trooper spokesperson Megan Peters said.

Between Dec. 13 and Dec. 28, troopers issued 486 citations statewide, including 128 for speeding and 15 for seatbelt and occupant restraint violations, according to statistics released Thursday by the State Troopers. During that time, troopers made 26 arrests for driving under the influence, with four of those arrests being for felony DUIs. The agency has investigated 159 damage-only crashes, 18 crashes involving injuries and two fatal collisions.

The focused enforcement will end Jan. 1.

— Erin Thompson