Exchange students from Bolivia & Germany go Vogue for senior photos

For the Class of 2013 this will be a landmark year they have had in their sights since kindergarten. Capturing all the emotions this year, the experiences and hopes for the future in photographs is what Kelly Reilly’s studio in Kenai is all about. At a recent setting with two foreign exchange students from Germany and Bolivia Reilly explained her passion for photography and talked about how important senior pictures really are, not just for this graduation year but as a legacy for future generations, “I’ve been interested in photography since I was a kid, but it’s just been the last ten years that I’ve been doing it full time. I’ve taken classes and gone to national conventions getting involved with photography forums and collaborations with them to fine tune the artist in me. Senior pictures are important even for kids that don’t have a lot of money, not just because they’ll hold precious memories for them at their 50th class reunion, but for job resumes and college applications as well. When future generations check out their family tree and look back at their great grand parents in the class of 2013, senior pictures will speak volumes about what their family member’s life experience was during that year,” said Reilly.

Kelly Reilly’s studio is located in her home at 1302 Lawton Drive near the Kenai Golf Course. And not just a room or two of her home, but indeed nearly her entire large beautiful home is a photography studio, “My last child just went off to college and I took over the lower level for storage, sets and costumes. My husband loves it and is my set designer my garage has been converted into a huge studio so I can accommodate large groups of people for family reunions or wedding parties. Then my living room is now a traditional back drop or a children’s set theme so yes I’ve pretty much taken over my whole house, but its great fun we have costumes for all ages of fairies, summer and snow fairies and many princess outfits and in the last year we have added fishing and cowboy sets which are great fun,” she said.

Capturing the year for a foreign exchange student Kelly said was super important for her as their pictures will be especially meaningful and capture a life changing experience that will be seen internationally representing Alaska and America in a way that words can never describe. “It was wonderful! I felt like a movie star or professional model and Kelly was so easy and fun to work with I can’t wait to see the photographs of Lisa and me. I’m very thankful to the Soldotna Rotary Club for making this day possible,” said Carolina Cadario from Bolivia and a student at Skyview High School who was accompanied by her close friend Lisa Schulz from Germany also a student at Skyview.

“We encourage kids to bring things that they are interested in as props, basketball, hunting anything they want. We have a ball bringing their life into a photo, and that goes for any session from a new born to anniversaries and all events in-between,” added Kelly For anyone interested in photography a trip to is a worthwhile experience in the art of light. Appointments are available by calling 283-7757, consultations and tours of the Kelly Reilly studio are also available by appointment.