Birdsong returns after Card Street Fire

This article has been changed to correct the species of a bird and to identify the US Fish and Wildlife Service as the agency Mariah... Read more

Voices of Alaska: Time for a peace treaty between Alaska and its Tribes

Native peoples throughout the world experience disproportionate levels of violence, the list includes suicide, homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. The United States... Read more

DNR faces dipnet conundrum

The Kenai River personal-use fishery has certainly had its share of headlines this month, as thousands of Alaskans converge on the city of Kenai to... Read more

An Outfoor View: Jenna talks habitat

Author’s note: In yet another attempt to teach readers about fish and fishing by baiting them with a steamy romance novel, here’s yet another chapter... Read more

Thu, 07/30/2015 - 17:32

Church News

— Kasilof Community Church, next to the Kasilof Mercantile, will host Camp Kilimanjaro Vacation Bible School, an epic expedition through Proverbs from 10 a.m.-1:00 pm.,... Read more

Voices of Faith: The doctrine of fairness

I ask the question to many people only to receive the same response by either a stare that says “you’re crazy” or words to that... Read more