Vadla: Listen to all to make best decisions for community

During the past three years, my term as a Board member has been both an invigorating and an educational experience. My years as an educator prepared me for the role; however, this three year term experience as a Board member has broadened my understanding and my appreciation of the workings of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. I have had exceptional teachers in my fellow Board members, in the Administrative team, and in the people I serve: the staff members of the schools, the students, and the constituents of the borough.

Education is and will always be an important issue in my life. I have spent a significant portion of my life at the front of the classroom; and now, in this new role, I have been given the opportunity to experience education from all sides of the classroom. This process has given me a new insight.

This new insight has shown me that in our ever-changing educational climate, it is imperative that the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District deliver a focused 'quality educational experience' for all students regardless of geographical location, ethnic background, or economic status so that each student's academic performance improves and each student is prepared for the future.

Because the District represents such broad geographical locations and such diverse clientele, the District will need to be steadfast in its pursuit of instructional excellence by implementing and sustaining quality programs and practices, by hiring quality teachers and providing continued professional development for these teachers and staff, and by providing diverse educational opportunities for all students in all schools.

While the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District boasts very good assessment scores on standardized tests and ranks at the top of the state in assessment, it is important to note; however, this achievement is not the only measure of success, not the only measure of accountability. The educational experience that the District currently delivers to its students is innovative and encompasses a broad spectrum of academic opportunities including Advanced Placement classes, Quality Schools/Quality Students program, Gifted programs, advanced classes, Workforce Development, Jump Start for seniors, Charter schools, Optional Schools, Home School programs, Future Problem Solving, Native Youth Leaders and so on to name just a few.

I envision the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District supporting school and student success by maintaining steadfast efforts to celebrate and improve upon successful the academic programs in place, by encouraging continued collaborative efforts between teachers and school buildings, by continuing to support promising practices, and by continuing to provide professional development for staff. These support strategies can only continue to showcase the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District as a top district in the state.

Kenai Peninsula School District also enhances the education of students by providing other support programs, practices, and strategies, and materials that enhance the quality of education in the District. Response to Intervention, the emphasis on technology, special programs, extracurricular programs, academic competitions, and more impact students every day so it is imperative that the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District maintain a continued effort to keep abreast of these programs and to improve upon the educational experience of all students.

As a Board member, I will continue to represent the students of the district. I will work hard to ensure that this school district moves forward and keeps pace with the ever-changing needs of students, the community, and the society of which it is a part. We have a very successful school district to date, and I will read and research materials and gather information to ensure that we remain successful and keep pace with the educational needs of our students. I will continue to remember that no action is made in isolation so I will strive to listen to the students, the parents, the teachers, the administration, the academic community and the business community within the community when I am embroiled in the decision-making process. I will do my 'best' for the community that I serve.

Thank you for your time and your support.



Thu, 01/19/2017 - 22:53

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