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Second Amendment must be protected

Posted: August 9, 2012 - 8:53am

We have been recently been told by gun control activists of the utopian solution of accommodation to fight gun violence in this country, additionally, they claim the 2nd amendment is outdated and the government does have the authority to infringe on our right to bear arms. This idea of giving into a greater role of government regarding gun safety is not only absurd, but the lack of common sense on this issue is disturbing. This is not a left or right issue, libertarian or independent issue this is an American issue about the men and women of this country being able to defend themselves against tyranny and having the power to preserve liberty and freedom. The second amendment was designed to protect the people not from the best of government, but from the worst of government. This is the key principle our forefathers created when instituting the second amendment into the U.S. constitution. The question needs to be asked, “If you are in a situation of defending yourself, what type of firearm would be most proficient, a hunting rifle or an assault rifle?”

If we give up the right to be able to buy certain kinds of firearms, then what is next? Will we have a select few religions to choose from, will free speech be regulated? Americans must draw the line; we must fight against this ridiculous idea that we can trade freedom for safety. Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’

I believe these words are just as true today as they were 230 years ago. The rest of this argument is academic, however. The opposing front knows academic studies by economists or criminologists have found that the Brady Act or other state background checks have not reduced violent crime. 

So let’s set the record straight on how many mass murders have targeted a gun store, a shooting range or a NRA banquet. History has shown that gun violence has been targeted where people are not allowed to have the means to defend themselves against danger. 

Do we honestly believe that the American citizen bordering Mexico would be safer if we banned assault rifles while our own government gives drug cartels the same kind of weapons they won’t let U.S. citizens acquire? Not allowing men and women to properly defend themselves as they see necessary is the act of a repressive government. We could look at another country such as Switzerland where every man is required, and women are encouraged, to serve in the militia and have been trained and given an assault rifle to keep even after they serve their time. Switzerland’s gun crimes in 2006 were less than 40 and most of these crimes were with illegally obtained guns, comparing to the U.S. at over 11,000. 

The FBI has reported that gun purchases in the past ten years have increased 60 percent while our murder rate has dropped 2 percent. It’s time we face the fact that gun ownership lowers the rate of murder or they are not correlated at all. 

The terrible mass murders at the Aurora Theater in Colorado, Virginia tech, University of Alabama, etc. would have not been prevented if more gun control laws were in place. We will never be able to prevent crazy people from doing crazy things no matter what laws are instituted — that’s the world we live in. 

The voices of appeasement coming from people who would rather live on their knees than die on their feet do not speak for the rest of us. You and I understand that life is too precious for this kind of thinking. Winston Churchill once said, ‘There is something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, and whether we like it or not, that spells duty.’ Therefore we must have the sense of duty and we must have the courage to ask our elected officials not how they feel regarding the second amendment, but what are they doing to protect it.

Second amendment supporters will preserve freedom for this generation and those to come, or we will be lead down the road of obscurity and subjugation. 

Kyle Wood is a second class petty officer in the United States Navy and a former Peninsula resident.

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freedomlibertytruth 08/09/12 - 01:19 pm
Thank You Kyle Wood for your

Thank You Kyle Wood for your excellent letter. The lack of common sense is absurd and disturbing when we hear the socialist utopian fantasy loving anti-gun proponents.

The second amendment was designed to protect us from the WORST of government, from our OWN corrupted government. Excellent point. Absolutely true.

The left wing supporters of communism/socialism/utopianism are leading the country down the road of subjugation. They currently ARE the biggest whiners and complainers now, as they continually receive exactly what they have been asking for. The move towards a dictator, and the loss of freedom.

MeO 08/09/12 - 02:51 pm
Thanks Kyle - Very well written.

Why is it some people can not understand two basic facts -

1) Guns do not kill - People kill and can do it with many items
like forks, pens, bats etc.

2) If guns were taken away from people who obey the laws -
only people that do not obey the laws will have them.

If the 2nd amendment is outdated, which one is next ???

To those who think only criminals should have firearms I
GET IT !!!

secondamendment 08/10/12 - 01:38 pm

Do you really believe that gun owners have purchased thier guns for protection against our government? Gun owners buy their guns because they like guns. I hate guns but I don't have a problem with gun ownership. I do think that guns can be used everyday safely. Police officers, military and everyday citizens use guns properly, but to say it is a 2nd right for gun ownership as protection against our government is bologna.
The second amendment says "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." This is not a statement that people need to be armed to protect us against our own government unless the government attacks its people. When the constituion was written we did not have a military, navy or anything that would come close to protecting our nation. We had a militia, men that were farmers and statesmen. They were not military men. They did not want a standing army. They added the 2nd amendment into the constitution because of this fact. We now have a well regulated military. The second amendment was never put in place for people to own personal weapons for their personal reasons. Please stop using the second amendment as a reason to own weapons. Join the military if you think you need to have a gun because of the 2nd Amendment. Otherwise rethink why you own a gun. For most it is not to be part of a militia or be part of the military

I want gun owners to own up to that fact that guns do kill people. Don't deny that fact. I have heard that guns in the hands of good people are not a danger. Really? Guns in the hands of people that are not properly trained are dangerous. Guns in the hands of properly trained people are not dangerous. Guns were made for the sole purpose to tear apart what ever it hits. Whether it is a target, animal or human. Guns are not good on their own. They are destructive tools.

The article metions "We could look at another country such as Switzerland where every man is required, and women are encouraged, to serve in the militia and have been trained and given an assault rifle to keep even after they serve their time. Switzerland’s gun crimes in 2006 were less than 40 and most of these crimes were with illegally obtained guns, comparing to the U.S. at over 11,000." I agree. We should have everybody serve in the military. Then we would be properly trained on how to use a weapon. If you want to go to that way of thinking I am all for it. Until then we need regulations on guns in hands of people not properly trained.

My biggest complaint about the way of thinking gun owners use is that guns should be protected under the 2nd amendment. Please read the 2nd amendment and then join the military. Then you can truely use that as an excuse to own a weapon. Until then come up with a new argument.

Jedediah Smith
Jedediah Smith 08/10/12 - 03:55 pm
Great article!

From what I understand this young man is only 22 years old, amazing insight for such a young adult. Many Americans forget that the second amendment was put in place to protect citizens from worst case scenarios. I would like to ask “secondamendment” on his misguided opinion; “join the military if you want to own a firearm” what happens if a military turns against their citizens? There are plenty of examples around the world where the military have turned on their people. I guess that makes “secondamendment” part of the utopian solution of accommodation crowd!

kenai_kid 08/10/12 - 05:10 pm
People don't write bad checks ...

secondamendment said:
"I want gun owners to own up to that fact that guns do kill people. Don't deny that fact."

Using your logic is like saying "pens write bad checks."

"A sword is never a killer, it's a tool in the killer's hands"
Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the younger" ca. (4 BC - 65 AD)

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."
Thomas Jefferson

"Suppose that we let a regular army, fully equal to the resources of the country, be formed; and let it be entirely at the devotion of the federal: still it would not be going to far to say that the State governments with the people at their side would be able to repel the danger...half a million citizens with arms in their hands"
James Madison, The Federalist Papers

JOAT 08/10/12 - 06:34 pm
Talk about bologna!

Bologna is when people who clearly haven't read a history book get on here and proclaim to the world that the sky isn't blue. The 2nd Amendment has everything to do with having an armed populace to discourage both our own government and foreign governments from attempting to take away the freedoms of our people.

Anti-gunners just love to focus on one or two words, but conveniently leave out the whole of the statement. So, if you can only focus on a couple words, try these; "free state". In order for the "state" (i.e. our country) to remain free, the populace is armed. This is a deterrent to the central government not to try and take away the freedom of the people as well as to foreigners who might try to invade.

OK, I'll own up to a theoretical "fact"... if an evil person were to hit someone hard enough and often enough with a gun, they could possibly kill someone with a gun. Same thing can be said of knives, baseball bats, golf clubs, tire irons, rocks, sticks, bowling pins, hammers, and pretty much any other inanimate object you could dream up.

No matter what inanimate object you hold up, the only constant when it comes to murder is that there must be an evil person wielding it.

230therapy 08/11/12 - 05:47 am
The Real Second Amendment

"Do you really believe that gun owners have purchased thier guns for protection against our government?"

I buy some guns with this in mind. I buy others for fun. More importantly, I train with my weapons.

User "secondamendment" has no idea what the word "regulated" means in the context of the Second Amendment. It means "well equipped", not "controlled by laws".

"This is not a statement that people need to be armed to protect us against our own government unless the government attacks its people. [deleted some lines] They added the 2nd amendment into the constitution because of this fact. We now have a well regulated military. The second amendment was never put in place for people to own personal weapons for their personal reasons."

You are saying Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and the other founders believed otherwise. Ten minutes of reading their writings about the Second Amendment disproves your silly statements.

"We should have everybody serve in the military. Then we would be properly trained on how to use a weapon. If you want to go to that way of thinking I am all for it."

User "secondamendment" clearly has never been in the military. He or she has absolutely no clue what goes on there. Furthermore, some of the most UNSAFE use of firearms in my presence has been performed by military and police personnel. I did not appreciate bullets flying downrange when I was changing targets, nor did I appreciate loaded guns placed on tables pointing at my belly.

The US is NOT supposed to have a standing army. Yet, somehow, we have precisely that. The US Army has operated continuously since World War I or World War II (or possibly longer--needs some research). This is not supposed to be; Congress is supposed to raise the army FROM THE MILITIA on an emergency basis for up to two years. Congress has the option to extend that time in two year increments SO LONG AS THE EMERGENCY CONTINUES. In 1996, did you feel like there was a national emergency? I sure didn't...yet we continued to have a standing army.

Your entire argument makes no sense since you have no clue how the Constitution operates. You have no clue about what the founders said and what they meant when they wrote the Constitution and its amendments. Instead, you have some sort of fantasy about the Constitution based upon your desires. Implementation of such fantasies are TYRANNY and we have guns to kill people like you. This is Thomas Jefferson's stance and you can find it in his writings. The Second Amendment comes down to exactly that: take our rights and we'll kill you.

kenai_kid 08/11/12 - 09:23 am
Interpretation of the second amendment.

There are three predominant interpretations of the Second Amendment:
1)The civilian militia interpretation, which holds that the Second Amendment is no longer valid, having been intended to protect a militia system that is no longer in place.
2)The individual rights interpretation, which holds that the individual right to bear arms is a basic right on the same order as the right to free speech.
3)The median interpretation, which holds that the Second Amendment does protect an individual right to bear arms but is restricted by the militia language in some way.

Each of these three interpretations is supported by individual statements of the founding fathers.
Personally, I tend to follow the second interpretation which is supported by Madison, Monroe, Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton and Samuel Adams among others.

"Americans have the right and advantage of being armed - unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms." (James Madison, The Federalist Papers #46 at 243-244)

"...but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude, that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people, while there is a large body of citizens, little if at all inferior to them in discipline and use of arms, who stand ready to defend their rights..." (Alexander Hamilton speaking of standing armies in Federalist 29.)

"The Constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms" (Samuel Adams, Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 86-87)

"And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms....The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants" (Thomas Jefferson in a letter to William S. Smith in 1787.

"The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." -- (Thomas Jefferson)

"Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone under independence. . . From the hour the Pilgrims landed to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, sucurity, and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable. . . The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference; they deserve a place of honor with all that's good. . . A free people ought to be armed."
- George Washington speech, Jan. 7, 1790, printed in the "Boston Independent Chronicle", Jan. 14, 1790.

radiokenai 08/16/12 - 08:50 am
To Secondamendment

"If Guns Kill People, then it is McDonald's fault that I am fat!"


radiokenai 08/16/12 - 08:53 am

I think we can all agree that Miss Liberal Secondamendment hasn't a CLUE what the Second Amendment stands for?

It is Liberal jackwagons like her is why we have the Hillary's and obamas tearing the USA to shreds!

I suggest to Miss secondamendment that you re-read the SECOND AMENDMENT and stop listenting to hillary and [filtered word] obama-idiot!

Either that our renounce your citizenship and leave...

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 08/23/12 - 08:02 am

Guns & Moses, thats what a t shirt of mine says about the little Jewish nation of Israel's mind set. I also have anothe T with the words of "Don't worry America, Israel stands behind you" but that's another story.
They, Israelies believe in knowing how to use the Torah/bible and Guns well, that's what prevents them from being over thrown by illegal land grabbers with guns and Religious hate that claim to be a people, yet are not, nor have they ever been a people/nation.
Guns is what has prevented all out attacks on American soil thus far by an invading force. The way the enemy has decided to destroy America now is by TERROR acts by small groups as well as changing of OUR laws and rights under OUR Constitution, and they have the right person in the White house to Get-r-done, OUR Constitutional Lawyer Prez.
As stated befor by a few this choosen one will declair martial law before his Desolation period is up and there goes OUR Freedoms under OUR Constitution. I hope i'm wrong on this.

If these Control freaks can get our Guns & Bibles away from us then they can control the masses of America and we become World citizens just like OUR Prez. claims he is one of.
Simple paying attention to whats going on around us with anti gun & anti religion laws(anti against Christianity) one can see, or should be able to see the writing on the wall of a desire to bring America back into the fold of World Order Union of One.

When one reads this weeks poll and 33% voted to give up soverign rights to a group of politicians to have free reign over us with this #2 proposition 2 then we can see that 33% of Americans are for giving up OUR Soverign rights, or just have no clue of reality & the End game of world wide control of all people as Revelation 13; shows is coming.

I believe that a OWO is coming as Rev. 13; shows and we can not stop it's spread and that i might be wrong in my desire to have my Guns and beliefs in Moses and what he told us to do in the Torah and what we are also told to do in the Bible, but Jesus and i will work that out later and it has nothing to do with salvation or trust in God.

For those that will start in with where is the Love of God i will advise you to read the Torah & Bible and see that when Jesus, Yeshua returns his second time he is coming back to do some major butt kicking as Judge & King of ALL the earth and just the words from his mouth will destroy ALL of his enemies as they come at him with their guns and desire to "Have it their way."

Finally i will say that there are people out there that have no business with guns as they are not mature enough to be respectful of others property or safety and that makes the rest of us look bad, kind of like wanna-be Christians or responcible gun owners which results in a bad light on all of us Real Christians & gun owners alike.
These two groups of wanna-be's result in cults of religion and or militia and they never are any good for anyone other than those desiring to control us all to point the finger and say AH HA!

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