Wolf: Some regulations passed without considering the impacts

As a resident, businessmen and philanthropist I’ve made the Kenai Peninsula my home for the past 22 years. Originally coming to Kenai in 1975, as a teenager with my parents, I’m a 1979 graduate of KCHS, the last year, it was the only high school in the area. Since that time, I’ve seen a lot of change, my wife and I raised our family here. Since 1997, we have devoted our lives working with hundreds of local youth through Youth Restoration Corps, making the Peninsula a better place for all. By instructing the next-generation work force and leaders work ethic, job skills, leadership, and stewardship values. The knowledge gained through this has helped expand my awareness of local issues facing each of us. Discovering that if given the opportunity youth can be tremendous teachers in working collectively to accomplish tasks. Our oldest son, has Down ’s syndrome, his disability has taught me a great many things about people. My wife and I take great pride in our in all four of children, celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. Our involvement with family, church and community is of special interest to us. I’m currently the work and witness coordinator of the Alaska Nazarene district, setting on friendship mission board, Friend of Athletes with disabilities board, Youth Restoration Corps board and Nikiski Nazarene missions committee. As a professional fund raiser I formed Central Peninsula Polar Plunge as a local fund raiser for local youth nonprofit groups. A retired general contractor I enjoy building and helping friends, and I currently working with Youth Restoration Corps vocational program as project coordinator. My life experiences have taught to stand up for what I believe in and to be unafraid of taking on difficult issues. My service in Alaska legislature, as state representative for this area taught me a great deal about politics and the areas people.

The Kenai is a great place to call home, and proud to say I’ll stand up to anyone who bashes my community or threatens the way of life of its residents. I believe as elected leaders are just that, representatives of our community and such we the people should hold them accountable. If our youth can look up to their parents or leaders as role models then what hope do they have to succeed themselves in life. We are a resource user state and as such our resources support our social and economic way of life. These natural resources mean jobs, revenue and healthy communities. When government begins restricting use of natural resources for the purpose of allocation to others, it fails in its duty of representing “We the people”. When government tries to grow its self for the purpose of regulating private property; it fails to represent “We the people”. Our form of government is the great form of government on earth, but it also requires community leaders willing invest their time make government what our founding father met it to be. A government for the people, by the people for this I’ve chosen to run for borough assembly as I believe some of assemblies actions need to be reviewed and some need to be pounded back in the hole from where they came. On Oct 2nd I would appreciate your vote and would be honored to represent you on the borough assembly. My experience in the legislature showed me that some laws and regulations are passed without considering the long term impacts. Bringing my experience to assembly and desire to serve I think will benefit the borough I would appreciate you voting for Kelly Wolf for borough assembly.


Sat, 01/21/2017 - 23:42

What others say: Obama took right tack on Cuba

There’s no solution to the half-century old Cuba problem that will satisfy everyone, but we strongly believe President Obama made the right decision to end the troubled “wet foot, dry foot” policy.

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President Barack Obama leaves office Friday after eight years as the most consequential Democrat to occupy the White House since Lyndon Johnson. And unlike that Texan, whose presidency was born in tragedy and ended in failure, Obama will not have the ghost of the Vietnam War haunting his days and eating his conscience as LBJ did all the remaining days of his life.

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Op-ed: Trump won the news conference

Donald Trump should do press conferences more often. Not for the country’s sake, certainly not for the media’s sake, but for his. He really shouldn’t have waited 167-plus days to hold one, because the man gives great sound bite. Although I’ve participated in probably thousands of these staged encounters as a reporter, they’re not my favorite way of getting news — you almost never get any. The guy at the podium controls the proceeding. He can get his message out with little challenge from the assembled journalists who are limited to a question and a follow-up, maybe. Politicians can bob and weave through that without any of us landing a blow. And that’s our job: to penetrate the canned responses to their version of the controversy du jour and get at whatever truth they are hiding. Besides, Trump — who uses contempt for the media as a weapon, his preferred way to discredit reporting that displeases him —has a wonderful forum to do that. At the very least he should hold these confrontations as a supplement to his Twitter tirades. And frequently. It’s his opportunity to hold the media hostage as they cover live his rain of abuse on them.

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Good luck in Juneau

The 30th Alaska Legislature gavels in on Tuesday, and we’d like to take a moment to wish our Kenai Peninsula legislators good luck over the coming months in Juneau.

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