Law enforcement should engage community in dialogue

So our Law Enforcers know how to shoot to kill (“Making Shots Count,” Peninsula Clarion, Oct. 19), but do they know when and who and even why they should shoot to kill? I am far more concerned about the mental proficiency of those who use lethal force than I am about their firearms knowhow. They can punch holes in paper but can they recite the Bill of Rights and do they know what they mean?


Bear in mind that just a couple months ago the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered 750 million rounds hollow point ammo to distributed to agencies such as the IRS, TSA and even to our local enforcers (Google: DHS Hollow Point Ammo). Add to that the growing takeover of local law enforcement departments by the DHS. Doubt it? Have you heard of the National Incident Management System? Just Google: NIMS, what is it? How about Fusion Centers? (Google: DHS Fusion Centers).

It appears that the central government is preparing for war against someone and it would seem that the central government is more intent on creating an adversarial mindset throughout law enforcement than it is trying to engender cooperation with the people they serve. Do the math: 750 million rounds of hollow point and 250 million adults.

Why, you should ask, aren’t these law enforcement officers meeting with the citizens in town hall forums to explain why their departments are being taken over by federal agencies and to what extent they are willing to comply with federal tyranny? Instead of showing us that they are skilled in “two in the chest and one to the head,” how about dialoguing with folks to bring back trust and cooperation within our community? How deeply is the federal central government embedded in local law enforcement? Will my local law enforcers march alongside jack-booted federal goons or stand with We The People against tyranny? Perhaps local law enforcers owe us some answers.

Norm Olson



Wed, 05/30/2018 - 21:51

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