Public should vote on chicken ordinance

Chickens are wonderful birds except in my back yard. Having started picking eggs from under hens about 75 years ago, there are many wonderful things, and sometimes times of getting your little hand pecked pretty hard by an old hen. My memory reminds me of standing on a kitchen chair and washing eggs, drying them and putting them into a 30 dozen case. Growing older, you graduated into the wonderful job of cleaning the chicken house about once a month. In the wintertime, the chickens had enough body heat to keep the building warm, but while shoveling out the chicken poop along with flying feathers and dust, a good bath was necessary when the job was done, sometimes there were little bugs involved also!

We didn’t keep roosters, because they liked to make large sounds of crowing at daybreak to make sure every one was awake. I would say that 1 litter of chickens per square block provided there were no other neighbors would be about the right density.

I love chickens. I eat eggs almost every day, couldn’t get along without them. Also need them to make good egg nog for around Christmas. This is modern times, put it up to a vote by the public and maybe 30 percent of the public would express their opinion.


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