Time to count our blessings

‘Tis the season all year long in this community and I believe all should know it. Often times we take for granted those little things that matters most.


Thank you for:

The sweet man that takes the extra time to shovel your deck and plow your driveway even though he doesn’t have to;

The police officers spending those extra-long hours to help out those that wouldn’t stand a chance without them;

To the stranger that sees the potential in you and offers a helping hand with training for you to succeed, and your daughter and you to have the best life you two can have;

To the doctor that you look forward to seeing every two weeks that listens to you, and encourages you to read books and do things within the community that will enhance your life and self-worth as well as someone else’s, who inspires you to achieve your goals when no one else is there to do so;

To those that give you positive reinforcement and make you laugh, even when they don’t realize it;

To the lawyers and attorneys here that have volunteered their time to help those in need and stand up for what is right;

To the animal lovers who take in pets whom have lost their way, that they may find their way home again;

The friend who drops by to say hello and make sure everything is OK even though they hardly know you;

To all those in the churches who accept you for who you are and nonchalantly hand you a card and a smile no matter how you dress, or what you smell like or where you come from;

The daycares, that watch over your precious children with care and love as if they were their own;

To all the employees at the Job Center and the volunteers for all the programs that the Kenai Peninsula has to offer;

To the new boss who decides to give you an opportunity to prove your self-worth, and honest demeanor;

To the family that stops what they are doing when they see your car break down, with three children in the back, and your tire rolling down the hill;

To the man passing on his bike that just happens to be a mechanic and helps put your tire back on, the man walking by who offers to walk your children to the ‘Y’ Chevron while a police officer helps you get your vehicle safely there;

To the stranger on a Sunday drive that just happens to be cruising down the road where your truck is broken down, who sees your alternator is blown and helps you to get a new one then installs it for you, right there on the side of the road, free of charge.

Yes these people do exist!

To the client that drops in to say hello and surprise with a bag full of beautiful clothes she is happily wants to give you;

To the person that is so grateful for your service that they tip you enough to bring tears to your eyes and realize that Soldotna and Kenai, these little places nestled in the mountains of Alaska, are very special, genuine places filled with love, joy and sweet blessings of all sizes.

Here I now know is my home and I am proud, very proud to say so! I am reminded every day, whether it is something big or small, that there are good, good people in this world and many of them reside right here. You all have touched my heart as well as many others as well. Inspiring, yes, to all of you: God bless America, God bless Alaska, God bless you!


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