Congress needs to do its job

I think it is sacrilegious that this group of elected officials could not draft a budget in any of the last four years. I did not hear of any of them offering to cut their wages or medical and retirement benefits although I take it for granted that most of them were willing to accept the reduction of benefits for Social Security and Medicare benefits as someone decided to proclaim it a new law without any discussion.

I believe that they are only programs with members paying into them for all of their working life and still paying every month into the Medicare plan when they start drawing Social Security. My wife and myself pay each month into Medicare $209.80, which seems to go up every year.

Now I would like to talk about Medicaid and food stamps, and welfare payments and housing. None of the participants of these plans have paid a wooden nickel into those accounts. I have heard that one Medicaid patient received and organ implant, plus they purchase new dental plates every 5 years and glasses every year.

Every person on Social Security has had to learn how to cut back on everything because of the cutback on the money we thought they were taking care of. They should have learned a lesson of cutbacks. I could cut the expenditures of Washington by one simple sound and solid proclamation: “Every department in the federal government will have their budgets cut by five percent.” That is just a itsey bistey amount. I know it will work, because when I was in the Navy, 1951-55 and working in the Engineering Office we would get those little notices that we would have to cut back X amount and we did. There is no bargaining in Washington as the rule there is My Way or The Highway and after the last few ways and we definitely need to change our ways.


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