Taking away gun rights won't stop crime

Barack Obama can use an executive order and take away our second amendment rights. Governmental interference in regards to gun control would be a direct violation of our constitutional right to bear arms. This issue can be traced to recent shootings, especially at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Everyone wants children to be safe, but taking guns away from the general public isn’t the answer.

Guns are a source of protection and security for people everywhere. In order to insure protection during education, ask teachers who are willing, and meet certain requirements, to carry firearms in schools. Soldotna High School has a two minute wait between raising the alarm and police showing up. A lot can happen in two minutes, and I would prefer my teacher armed and ready to defend us than to have to sit by and hope the intruder doesn’t get us. Why should criminals be the only ones with gun access?

In 1997, Australian gun owners surrendered 640, 381 personal firearms. Twelve months later the homicide rate went up 3.2 percent, assaults went up 8.6 percent, and armed robberies went up 44 percent. Burglaries where the burglar knows you’re home rose 300 percent. I believe the U.S. would have similar results from gun control attempts. Many shootings that occur do so when someone illegally possesses the gun used. The black market isn’t going to disappear when gun control regulations take effect.


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