Resident upset with foreclosure notice

Shame on you, Kenai Peninsula Borough. Threatening to foreclose on my property because I owe you $9.73. Seriously? And on behalf of many others whose names and addresses have been publicized in the paper with similar microscopic balances due, I’m offended and disgusted. After all, a candidate for the Soldotna mayor’s office recently stated in an interview that there is a $31 million surplus in the property tax account for the borough. But you are going to foreclose on my property for $9.73? And, dear readers, mind you this $9.73 is penalty and interest they want because my tax payment was mailed on the due date not received on the due date. Seriously? I am very tempted to bring you 973 pennies, but have decided that would be stooping to your level. Well guess what? We are going to sell our Kenai Borough properties very soon so you won’t have us to push around anymore.


Thu, 04/27/2017 - 22:01

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