Recently, on Feb. 22, River City Cheer & Gymnastics held our 3rd Annual Taco Dinner & Auction. We are excited and proud to report; it was our biggest turnout yet.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for all who participated in making this event a huge success. All proceeds earned from this fundraiser will help athletes of RCCG’s Youth and Senior All Star Cheerleading teams attend national competitions in Anaheim, Calif., and Las Vegas, Nev. in a few short weeks.

A big thank you to all of our dinner guests and auction attendees. Our goals couldn’t have been met without your support. We hope you had an enjoyable evening and welcome you to join us again next year.

River City Cheer & Gymnastics would like to recognize the following outstanding business and families for generously donating to our 3rd Annual Taco Dinner & Auction Fundraiser.

Acapulco, ACS, Air Supply Alaska, Airgas, AK Kutz, Alaska Asphalt and Maintenance, Alaska Bolt and Chain, Alyeska Tire, Arbys, Auto Zone, Berry Cool Yogurt, Bid Daddy’s Pizza, Bliss Hair Design, Britt Taylor, Buckets, Car Quest, Cassi Holmes, Cindy Rainy, City of Kenai Parks and Recreation, Coffee Roasters, Custom Creative Welding, Custom Sled Beds, Daily Buzz, Dale Dolifka, Don Joses, Doug & Jodine McAuliffe, Dr. Bauder, Dr. Frisk, Dr. Innes, Dukes Transmission, Echo Lake Meats, Ellis Automotive, Farah Colliver, Floral Design Studio, Footworks, Fred Meyer, GCI, Golden Tan, Grant Aviation,H2Oasis, Hair Force, Halcyon, Hanson Construction, Hey Goodlookin, Home Depot, Hooked on the Bean, Java Junction, Julia Titus, Kaladi, Kates Kidoes, Katherine Uei Investments, Kenai Auto, Kenai Aviation, Kenai Barber, Kenai River Brewery, Kenai Golf Course, Kenai River Lodge, Kenai Vision Center, Kikay Fashion, Kings Treasures, Linda Machado, Longmere Lakeside Retreat, Lydia Titus, Marias Restaurant, Maxium, Metal Head Fish Co., Metal Magic, Michelle Koenig, Morning Wind Pottery, Northwest Customs, O’Rielly Auto Parts, Odies Deli, Odom Corp- Coke, Orca Theater, Pathways, Pay Zone, Peak Oil Field Services, Peninsula Oilers, Peninsula Powersports, Peninsula Pumping, Peninsula Scrap, Pizza Boys, PlayaAzule, Printers Ink., Rachel St. Luise, Rebekah Pollard, Renewal Skin Care Studio, Ron’s Honda, Rons Rent It, Save U More, Shellz Design, Sherman Signs, Snowder Chiropractic, Snow Shoe Gun Club, Soldotna Professional Pharmacy, Soldotna Y Chevron, Soldotna Y Towing, Sportsmans Warehouse, Stanley Ford, Susans Bath and Bodyworks, Sweeney’s, The Grind, The Study, The Picture Lady, Titus Family, Tracy Parker, True Blue Coffee, Truuli Escapes Day Spa, Trustworthy Hardware, Vida., Western Power Sports, XTO- Gregg Duggin, Yoga Sol,

From all of the River City Cheer and Gymnastics coaches, athletes and families, we offer our sincerest appreciation and a big thank you for your support and generous donations.

We are so grateful for the facilities here on the Kenai Peninsula that are available for individuals in need of medical care.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to Central Peninsula Hospital for their care of our mother and friend, Alice Mundell, during her last days on earth. Every person we encountered was professional, compassionate, gentle, attentive and kind. This included personnel from every department — emergency staff, kitchen and custodial employees, respiratory therapists, lab technicians, nurses and certified nursing assistants. We wanted to mention all your names but feared we would miss someone. Thank you for helping us all through a difficult time, for being available to answer questions and for going the extra mile to provide the best care possible. We want to express our special appreciation to Dr. Deede and Dr. Quinn. Their professionalism, honesty, caring hearts and support for our family will never be forgotten.

We would also like to thank all the staff at Heritage Place for their superior attention to Mom over the last many months. You excel in providing top notch care for every one your residents. You have been a great help and blessing to our family.

— Cheryl (Mundell) Beeson
and Marcia King, Soldotna


Thu, 01/19/2017 - 22:53

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