What's behind ammo shortages?

Ammo shortages everywhere. There was a story of ammo shortages in Fairbanks and the continual search for such by many who know that Tuesday is ammo day at Sportsmans in Fairbanks. Many calls made looking for the basics like .22, as well as other popular shells. Well this is not an exclusive search for those in Fairbanks alone. We here on the Kenai know that Monday is ammo day for Sportsmans in Soldotna, and that Wednsday is the day for Three Bears in Kenai, each receive many calls from those of us that are looking for shells and can’t find them.


It does appear to be a nation wide event this shortage of shells and it makes me wonder what’s up. There is a governmental, as well as Global push to limit firearms at every turn and our government knows that they will never rid America of weapons so they have to go another way and that is to limit ammo for all guns and we see this being done at an alarming rate.

Our right to bear arms was written in our Constitution for a reason by our forefathers and that reason was the knowledge they had about power hungry governments that would seek absolute power and control of everything and everyone if allowed to do so freely and without any opposition.

We are about to see our president give up our rights to the United Nations by his signing a treaty for arms control by the UN this coming week. Make no mistake folks there is a global plan for absolute control of every aspect of everyones lives here in America and else where and the restriction of arms or ammo fits right in for a smooth transition into a global society here in Alaska, America and everywhere if they can regulate and restrict weapons and ammo from those that would appose their Dream Acts.

Time always reveals the plans of men in their hunger for control and if one would look they could see the writing on the UN wall as well as the White House walls for this global control’s final push.

Hang on to those Bibles, Guns and Ammo, because it does appear that these are the two weapons they seek to do away with and it really should make people ask questions of why.

It’s not the end of the world as some claim, but, it sure looks like it might be the end of freedom for Americans any day now. Each one of us needs to make up our own minds as to what’s really going on with all the shortages of ammo and push to restrict the truth of the Bible while all other religious books are being promoted.


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