Remember the bottom line in military charge

I find it interesting the movement of an Air Force fighter squadron from Fairbanks to Anchorage is causing so much controversy. Naturally, Fairbanks doesn’t want to lose the infusion of federal paychecks into their economy. Anchorage, on the other hand seems to be reluctant to support the move because they say a shortage of available housing is going to create a critical problem for those who transfer. Further, it was even mentioned that the increase in vehicle traffic would be disruptive.

Perhaps some have forgotten the reason the military is being forced to consolidate its operations and close bases. At last check, our country is 16 trillion dollars in debt. Its mission since inception is that the military provide the best protection possible for America. However, even though its budget has been cut by Congress, that mission hasn’t changed.

Sound business practices dictate that when you are expected to provide a product and the funds available for production are decreased, you look at ways to save money to continue your operation. Consolidation of duplicate operations is one way savings can be accomplished. Outsourcing is another. Anyone want to outsource their military protection to India or China like other large corporations have done in their businesses? Not me!

Want to see things changed? Contact Alaska’s members of Congress and tell them how you feel. Congress dictates the budget. Good luck on that! When is the last time you saw any news on a Congressional budget agreement?

I wonder if the lingering lack of progress in Washington on a budget might eventually cause Roget to add the word avoidance as a synonym for the word sequestration?

In the meantime, let top level military managers adjust their operations accordingly.


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