Other places to focus anti-litter efforts

Newly elected student Kenai City Council person, Courtney Stroh, says that in her opinion the Kenai dipnet beaches are filthy. Granted at the height of subsistence food gathering at the beach in July and when the reds are in in great numbers, there are fish heads, tails and guts present in numbers at low tide. This is understandable and somewhat expected. However many people do in fact throw their fish entrails back into the river as required. The next incoming tide takes the majority of the remaining fish waste out to sea that the seagulls don’t eat. Fish waste, however unsightly to some, is organic thus decomposes fairly quickly. This is a fishing community, remember.

Comments like those give the appearance of wanting to abolish the fishery. Litter on the beach is inexcusable in any degree. Pack it in, pack it out.

If Stroh and ROC really want to start somewhere, it’s right at her school house. Just walk by the KCHS parking lot on Lawton Drive and observe all the litter next to the school and along Lawton in the spring time or even now. It never gets picked up. We police all of our streets for litter each Spring, but nobody does by the school. Do you know why? There are probably 500 or more able bodied students that go there plus their faculty and admin staff. You mean to tell me they don’t notice or care and do something about it? For instance an early season gym class could easily handle the task in one day. But it never happens. After all, the majority of the litter in the school parking lot and along Lawton did in fact come from those inside the school.

So I believe that before we frown on someone else’s yard we better look at our own first and clean up the litter from along Lawton Drive at the high school.

It is non organic and permanently more unsightly than any organic fish waste will ever be.


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