Current policies hurting country

It’s time for you tree huggers to take the gloves of and defend your wasteful mismanagement of America’s National Forest. How many hundreds of tons of CO2 and ash are being pumped into the atmosphere by the raging fires all over the west? Current road-less policy is sure an effective way of keeping heavy equipment from being available to manage these fires. It is not managing our national forest to simply lock them up and prevent harvest of the resource. It is gross mismanagement to allow the very needed resource to America’s housing market to just go up in smoke! Not to mention the unfunded debt of paying for the thousands of National Forest retirees benefit packages! That will amount to about $1,000,000 for each retiree living 15 years after retirement. That unfunded means they were just planning on printing that money! Somebody should sue the Forestry Department for wasting our national resources.

Add them to the list of Departments, like the Department of Energy (DOE) whose 15,000 employees couldn’t do their business in a timely manner as to support the “Center Piece” of the American oil industry, the Keystone Pipeline. The EPA and DEC for 4 states (74 counties) and 3 provinces somehow got all those ducks in a row and were ready to roll. But our DOE stopped the progress on a dime, or was that a call to President Obama? An executive order was issued to stop the work of 50,000 Americans from North Dakota to Texas because 15,000 employees of the DOE didn’t get their job done! I feel my President should be over at the DOE rolling heads out the door. It is part of a mismanagement policy based on the “Perceived Social Value” of anything the government locks up.

Then we have hundreds of millions of folks back East who feel they own the forest and you rascally Westerners had better stop cutting it! I just wish it was these policies going up in smoke and not any hopes we have of energy independence. The waste of our National Forest is due the road less policy and now somebody thinks they can stop Global Warming by stopping the Keystone Pipeline. And as the old timers say someday there will be another Pipeline in the sky.


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