Two sides to every issue

Every story has two sides and nowhere is that more evident than in modern politics. Unfortunately the definition of “common good” has come down to one of two philosophies with no middle ground. All of us have been forced to adopt either the liberal or conservative view.


Conservative voters are generally more self-reliant and want government limited to necessary services. Liberal voters are generally more dependent on government to provide basic services, plus extra “wants.”

For the first time in recent memory the Kenai Peninsula Borough election has clear choices in both candidates and issues. How we vote will determine the direction of our borough. Do you want more government and higher taxes or a more thoughtful and realistic conservative approach?

Voters have a clear choice between the liberal incumbent Assembly Members running for re-election and their more conservative challengers.

Wayne Ogle is running for the Nikiski seat, Dale Bagley for the Soldotna seat and Travis Swanson is running to represent Kasilof, Clam Gulch, Happy Valley, Ninilchik and Nikolaevsk. These men are well qualified to replace the liberal incumbents.

Will you vote as a conservative or liberal on the ballot measures? A yes vote on Prop One will save homeowners several hundred dollars a year on their borough property tax by increasing the property tax exemption from the current ‘$20,000 to $50,000. The rest of us are being more careful with our spending and so should the borough. Liberals will vote against this, while conservatives will prefer keeping the extra money in their pocket.

Ballot Prop Two, the school bond, commits taxpayers to accept ultimate responsibility for repayment of an additional $23 million of debt, plus interest. This is in addition to the $106 million Borough Taxpayers currently owe. Borough officials imply the state legislature is going to pay 70% of the bond payments each year. Conservative voters should know the legislature is not required to pay this bond debt. Each legislature makes bond payment decisions based on available revenues for that specific year. While the legislature has funded most bond payments in the past, continued decline in oil production makes it highly unlikely this will continue for much longer.

Those of us who support a top notch education for our kids have no doubt these schools need repairs. However, school roofs can last longer with better maintenance and better budgeting. The Borough’s ongoing failure to plan and properly budget does not constitute a crisis compelling enough to authorize a $23 million loan. High government borrowing is not working well anywhere in America and our Borough is no exception.

The liberal assembly crafted ballot proposition 3A & 3B hoping we have changed our minds about term limits! For the fourth time let’s choose to keep the two term limit on the Assembly by voting No and No!

Your vote counts! Will you be a liberal or conservative voter this year? Either way I’ll see you at the polls on October 1st and greet you with a smile and friendly handshake.


Mike McBride

North Kenai



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