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Misplaced faith in government

Posted: September 30, 2013 - 3:24pm

It’s Obamacare activation and government “shutdown” week in Washington, where the consequences of misplaced faith in government are everywhere. Still, “true believers” remain faithful that Obamacare will be the exception to government’s past failures in achieving big goals.

There are examples galore of government’s inability to do things well and at reasonable cost, but that doesn’t deter those who continue to believe government can solve every problem.

The U.S. Postal Service wants to raise the cost of a first-class stamp from 46 cents to 49 cents in order to cover a “precarious financial condition.” That will only encourage more people to stop sending mail, all but guaranteeing another rate increase down the road.

The White House announced a $300 million aid package for Detroit, a city in which Democratic rule, high taxes, out-of-control spending and years of corruption precipitated its financial collapse. Half of the money will go toward eliminating blight. The real blight is the Democratic Party that ruled and then ruined Detroit.

The Federal Housing Authority announced Friday it is taking $1.7 billion in borrowed money from the U.S. Treasury to cover projected losses in reverse mortgage programs. It can do so without congressional authorization. Actors peddle reverse mortgages on TV all the time and we’re told they are “guaranteed” by the government. What could possibly go wrong?

The Heritage Foundation has compiled a long list of government programs that have failed to live up to their advertised goals. In addition to the Great Society monstrosities that have undermined the American family by subsidizing out-of-wedlock births and welfare dependency, some others include:

— Head Start. According to the Head Start Impact Study, in virtually every category, the program for pre-school children has failed to achieve its stated goals. The study found “that the benefits of participating in Head Start almost completely disappear by first grade.” Read about it here (

— Food Stamps. This is one of 80 welfare programs going to one-third of Americans that will cost an estimated $12.7 trillion over the next decade without substantial reforms.

— Social Security. This is the “untouchable” entitlement, which needs reform as much, or more, than any other federal program. Women, especially, get a raw deal with Social Security. Again, as The Heritage Foundation has noted, “Among retired workers, women received $300 less than men in Social Security benefits in 2010, collecting only $1,023 in monthly benefits on average. Women are more likely than men to lack all of the necessary 35 years of payroll tax contributions to qualify for full benefits, as many take time off from the workforce to care for children and elderly parents. And those who don’t have a full work history are even worse off. Many seniors receive benefits below the federal poverty level.”

Add to this the annual ritual of federal agencies spending millions of “leftover” dollars before the end of the fiscal year September 30 — $562,000 on “artwork” by the Department of Veterans Affairs, $178,000 by the Coast Guard on “cubicle furniture rehab,” according to The Washington Post — and you understand why so many are cynical about government’s track record of achievement and cost containment.

Space does not allow a full accounting of all federal agencies and programs that should be eliminated or reformed. And yet their budgets are auto-renewed each year, many programs even receiving an increase in the amount of taxpayer money they are allowed to waste. There is no congressional requirement that these agencies and programs prove themselves worthy of our money and, once spawned, government programs are virtually impossible to kill.

Given so much evidence of government’s inability to make our lives better, what makes anyone think it will suddenly become competent running Obamacare? Only individuals, not government, can improve their lives by making right choices. Too often, government adds to our burdens with additional debt. It’s the one job government does well.

Readers may e-mail Cal Thomas at

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Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/01/13 - 12:29 pm
Thank You Clarion for

Thank You Clarion for printing Cal Thomas and his opinions, I appreciate this.
Yes the Believers in this Yet another Chosen One's twisted words to believe in are still being blinded to the truth of this ones plans to destroy America by ushering us into a welfare nanny dependent nation of one. This ones plans of course doe not include all people, but has a long list for the exempting of his special interest believers, worshippers, supporters, all of whom are misguided down this road.
All of mankind has an innate desire to worship some deity of our choice, thus the many self proclaimed False saviors who mislead the many down the broad road to destruction, not only in this present life, but most sadly for all eternity.
Each one of us must decide who we will follow and what we will believe in. Of course as long as we live we are free to repent and to decide to follow the Truth which will set you free from this worlds many false leaders who always promise that they are the New Hope and Change to Believe in THIS TIME, THIS TIME, THIS TIME, THIS TIME, ALL with the very same results of UNENDING FAILURE, AFTER FAILURE, AFTER FAILURE.
Each one of us are alone and responsible for our choices of who we will listen to, worship and follow down the road of life, so be very careful before making an eternal choice many times decided by who we worship and place our faith in here on earth.
As I have said many times Politics and Religion go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other and History proves this out as well. Look at the many False Hope and Change Saviors who have mislead Billions, resulting in death and destruction to Billions of souls for eternity due to wars against others that don't believe as demanded by these false saviors, all of which is carried out by their faithful followers, believers.
This Abomination health care scam is yet another step towards these false hopes and changes to believe in. Please don't be fooled or deceived into believing this pack of lies as a good thing. Be informed, it's your own responsibility to do so as individuals, not party.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/01/13 - 02:58 pm
I would also like to Thank

I would also like to Thank ALL WWII vets today, especially all those that had Faith enough to storm the Hill at their DC WWII Memorial which was closed to all who had gathered for this special reunion.
Why was it closed? It was closed due to the belief that the government was shut down as well as all national sites because of the GOP following Americans wish to stop this madness of a massive insurance scam.
These Brave Warriors once again had Faith and Believed that their fight for Freedoms was required to fight against oppressive governments whose desire to have absolute control of all peoples like history past, was now required once again due to yet another present governments desire for forced Social medical insurance.
A medical insurance that is supposed to be good for some, but not good enough for all.
Thank You Vets for taking this stand and fighting once again for Freedom of America. Thank You also GOP for taking this stand and fighting to stop this Abominations Social governmental absolute forced control from spreading, if it can be stopped.

Norseman 10/01/13 - 05:31 pm
One faction, of one party, in

One faction, of one party, in one house of congress, in one branch of government, shut down the government, all because they didn't like ONE law.
Republicans have chosen to shut down the government in order to deny Americans access to the affordable health care act.
The republicans will be held accountable for these harmful actions towards the American people.

The affordable health act has been law for 4 years. It passed the supreme court in a historic ruling. the people of America voted Obama back in for a second term.

It is time for the dumbplicans to get a grip and do the right thing that the citizens of this country demand. Time to stop acting like children and do what we sent you there to do.
That means comprimise, NOT acting like terrorists and hold our economy and country hostage.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/01/13 - 08:44 pm
Tell us about it there

Tell us about it there misplaced faith in BO worshiper. Just because your leader said these very words which your repeating now about it being one party & one group shutting down the government does not make it Truth. Nor does your repeating it here Faithful believer in this False Chosen One who is no different than all of his predecessors before him with the very same false hopes and changes to believe in.
So who said they would not talk to the GOP about this issue? Who said that they would not go into conference with the GOP and went home for the night? Who is willing to talk to Iran and any other terrorists group yet refuses to talk to the GOP? These kinds of questions could go on for an extended time, but I am sure we ALL know the TRUTH. Speaking of Truth.
ALL GOVERNMENTS are allowed to rise or fall in accordance to His, my Gods good pleasure.
My instruction book, the bible does not say that I, we Christians have to sit around and do nothing when we see untruths being shoved down our throats as the Law of the land. Yes we are to obey the laws of the land and pray for our leaders, but, when they pervert the truth and don't follow their own laws or go against Gods laws then we are exempt from obeying them just like those that are exempt from the obeying these laws such as this Abominations health care that no one wants.
We are allowed to stand and fight and use the Laws of the Land to fight this evil intent which The majority of America has rejected as junk. Junk which is still being shoved down our throats, unless of course we are one of the special interest groups who are exempt from obeying the LAW OF THE LAND.
ENOUGH, IS ENOUGH. Shut it down to the ground to try and stop this madness and False Religion of Hope in the Governments of men to produce any lasting relief for fellow man, it's not going to happen, never.
The definition of Faith is this.
It's the substance of things hoped for to come, It's the substance of things not yet seen. Never happened before things that will or are supposed to happen some day as a result of simply believing and trusting in the leader who promised them. Man tries to duplicate what God said would someday be in a heavenly kingdom rule of total righteousness for all, yet mans kingdom utopia has never been able to do what they promise, and never will be able to do so.
That's what BO believers are looking for as well as ALL other religious believers in all religions, even Christianity.
BO followers are no different with their misplaced faith in another human beings who will never, never, never, be able to fulfill their promises of Utopia any time as history shows all of us about these False Saviors past & present.
So who is to blame here in this yet another False Hope and Change to Believe in promised by Obama? Obama and his minions of ill informed worshippers who seek their own way forward based on corruptible things that will never last or satisfy anyone for very long all stemming from greed, lust, coveting.
All things wanted and promised with no working or cost for getting it other than simple faith in a Government mandate, law requiring a "SHARING THE WEALTH" of taking from others to give to others bringing us all down to the pit of economic ruin as individuals as well as a nation.
So whose fault is it, really? All Misplaced faithful followers of BO and the governments of men, that's who.

leewaytooo 10/02/13 - 02:50 am
" Women are more likely than

" Women are more likely than men to lack all of the necessary 35 years of payroll tax contributions to qualify for full benefits,"

false, lie, whatever else you want to describe the statement.
up to four credits a year based on income for a total of 40,
qualifies a person for ss.

as to Detroit.... many factors contributed, not democrats

food stamps.... " At $74.6 billion in fiscal 2012," times ten is
not even a trillion.. flunk math???? as well as reason???

I suppose you would prefer all those tens of millions to
be out shoplifting for food or breaking into homes for food to

maybe if the [filtered word] actually acted as if they were americans
vs. acting as [filtered word].... [filtered word] the party of lies, liars and

the rest of your vergarbage is not worth the time to fact check.

once you are found out to have lied, then no one believes the
rest of your garbage... except for [filtered word], whom eat garbage.

Raoulduke 10/02/13 - 04:08 am

The Speaker of the House stated yesterday."That we(The Republicans) are looking out for the best interests of the American people".My question is.Why are you trying to postpone funding for health care for over 30 million Americans,or having lowered monthly allotments for the hungry Americans that have the need for food stamps? Looking out for the best interests of the American people Huh? Actions speak louder then any rhetoric.This case I would like to see any action.Instead of the same old obstructionist tactics by the Republicans.The ones looking out for the best interests of the American people.Have just contributed to the increase in the unemployment roles.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/02/13 - 11:57 am
Were going to see some

Were going to see some increased unemployment alright, but it's not going to be due to the GOP. We are going to see massive layoffs or reductions in hours worked, we are also going to see massive closings of doctors offices and outpatient clinics. We are going to have a larger number of Out of Network medical providers that will not accept your insurance, or should I say that your insurance will not recognize or allow payments to be made to. I already experience this out of network problems.
Just because millions are going to all of a sudden have this piece of paper showing they have medical insurance does not mean they will receive treatment or be accepted at many institutions.
This misplaced False Faith in BO Care will not produce the desired effects for medical coverage, it's not designed to.
The design of this Law is to force everyone into an economic equality state of total dependence on Government.
People are being lied to about this False Hope as a good thing when it's intent is actually mint for the destruction of our nations Sovereign Rights and individual Freedoms.
You, the majority of Americans were duped into Believing this New False Saviors, Obama's promises for a New Hope and Change to Believe in for a different America. Well we all are going to see that this False Savior has absolutely nothing to give other than empty hopes for anyone just as all those before him also did.
Please understand me as I use to be right in the thick of following and shouting out these same lies of False Hope and Change. I too use to be blinded by the god of this worlds governments, rulers in High Places of Power and Government. I use to be a ring leader in support of these false hopes and promises for the good of all if only I would simply have faith and trust them and their absolute power to decide what was best for me and others. I use to me a leader of those marching down this wide road to destruction and if force was needed to make others observe and obey their False Dreams, then that was also ok and an acceptable means for the good of all. After all the masses really don't understand what's good for them, so they have to be lead like sheep by these false shepherds who could careless about any of these people who are looking for greener pastures, pastures that have never came.
Don't be deceived by these False Prophets of a New Hope to Believe in, they themselves are lost wondering souls seeking for truth, truth the majority of them will never find due to their blindness. I once was blind, but now I see, and what I see is not good for anyone and is all controlled by the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eye for temporal things which they will control and take away according to their will or they will not be able to give as they promised, both of which history shows as the case.
This False Hope is not going to be a good thing for anyone in the end, so stop the madness of following this False Prophet of Hope to believe in, he does not care the least for any of us expendable ones and is bent on destroying as many as he can with economic ruin.

I don't remember just how it goes but it is said that every nation goes in a circle of life by rising from nothing but dependence & servitude to rulers, to a Free nation of people who are prospering to the rise of world power, then back again to servitude of rulers who could careless. The circle of life always leads back to beginning of being nothing at all other than a bunch of people seeking that which once was their great freedom as a sovereign nation of independent people.
A People with the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness now, but for how much longer remains to be seen as we see the circle closing and slavery & dependence on the masters becoming the norm once again.
Slavery is coming back, slavery for all in America other than the task masters who rule and decide what is good for you, or should I say what is good for them.

leewaytooo 10/03/13 - 02:32 am
if you do not pass the

if you do not pass the drivers test you don't legally have the
right to drive.

if you do not carry insurance on your car you don't legally
get to drive.

if you don't carry home owners insurance your bank will
buy you some at a higher price, which is just added to your principle and now
you get to pay interest on that part also.

if you don't have health insurance then you just
go to the hospital's emergency and the cost
is most likely absorbed by the hospital. how many
hospitals in the larger cities have closed due to this cost.

if you don't pay your property taxes a lien is placed upon
the home. don't pay it within the time frame and out you

call it pay to play...

if a consistent level playing field is not established then
there will always be those that will not pony up and
play fair.

by mandating minimum coverage or a fine, at least
all people will be contributing vs. those that use
the emergency room as their primary care doctor.

no penalties for pre-existing health issues is the best
part of the new health law.....and do not forget that it is the

imagine being turned down for health insurance from
all private health insurers....... what do you do?
just sit around and wait to die....

[filtered word] want their cake and to eat it....

[filtered word] the party of lies, liars and hypocrites.

roland james
roland james 10/03/13 - 01:59 pm
I was just wanting to know

I was just wanting to know who of you thought that faith lies in this worldly goverment. I call that blind faith BE NO PART OF THE WORLD I THINK IT SAYS .

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/04/13 - 02:45 pm
From what we see happening

From what we see happening now with the shut down over the ACA, it does seem that that's the case of dependence on world govt. for almost everything.
History shows that misplaced Faith in promises of government have lead to many a divide and even eventual world wars or civil wars. As the conflict due to the opinion of some form of supposed injustice being done by one party or the other, which results in the breakdown of communication.
I do see that BO is now using the threat of social security not being paid if he does not get his way. The GOP has sent countless bills to the Senate for passage to keep different sections of Govt. running and the Senate has rejected ALL of them.
So what we have here is an impasse which could bring down all of America economically, as well as all the world and it does appear that this is exactly what Bo and the DEM's want as they refuse any thing other than their way on the passage of any bill to run government programs. This is due to the ACA and the supposed desire for Americans majority wanting it.
The problem is that the majority of America does not want this ACA as ALL POLLS SHOW. Nor do the DEM's or many other special interest groups want it, which lead to their being exempt from this wonderful misplaced faith social program.
But by god we're, the rest of America, that's not exempt is going to get it or else the DEM's will shut down all of America till we do get what we don't even want, but they want us all to have. How will they continue to force this on us? By not passing any bills to finance any of America which the GOP sends them.
Yep, the desire for thesocial programs that no one wants other than a few has brought us to the brink of civil war and economic national and global collapse.
So just exactly who is holding a gun to the American peoples head as BO claims the GOP is doing?
Have a GR8 day and GR8 weekend and stock up on supplies while you can find them.

leewaytooo 10/05/13 - 02:33 am

"•Personal disposable income has grown nearly 6 times more under Democratic presidents

•Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has grown 7 times more under Democratic presidents

•Corporate profits have grown over 16% more per year under Democratic presidents (they actually declined under Republicans by an average of 4.53%/year)

•Average annual compound return on the stock market has been 18 times greater under Democratic presidents (If you invested $100k for 40 years of Republican administrations you had $126k at the end, if you invested $100k for 40 years of Democrat administrations you had $3.9M at the end)

•Republican presidents added 2.5 times more to the national debt than Democratic presidents

•The two times the economy steered into the ditch (Great Depression and Great Recession) were during Republican, laissez faire administrations

[filtered word] the party of lies, liars and hypocrites

so what does this tell us????

[filtered word] suck from the nation the nation's resources.

whereas the democrats work towards a better future for all.

BigRedDog 10/10/13 - 08:31 am
What do you mean, No More Credit?

That is what happens when you totally blow you budget. Where can you get credit, if you make $26,500 a year; but spend $38,500 and you have increased that spending annually for decades? Suddenly you look up and have $140,000 in credit card debt and can't even make the minimum payment without forgoing the rent. That might be working for some of the voters, but it won't work for very long.
Then when asked to cut your spending, you soul search and locate $5.40 you can reduce your spending without neglecting any real needs! I guess that is the reasoning behind the $4500 trash cans!

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/12/13 - 11:19 am

The DIVIDE DEEPENS as many Faithful believers in BOlitics are Maxing out with other FREE AMERICANS voicing their FREE SPEECH RIGHTS against BO.
Troubles coming quicker than I thought as the DIVIDE DEEPENS and Hate rises for all Non-Union Members who refuse to join the masses who are actually starting to see they may have joined this Abomination to quickly.
It does matter in whom one believes as we all go forward into eternity.

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