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What others say: Settle the shutdown now

Posted: October 9, 2013 - 6:40pm

Washington’s game of political chicken has a clear loser: the American people.

So settle this.

The nation needs a clean continuing resolution to end the partial shutdown.

The nation also needs a clean bill to raise the debt ceiling. The sooner the better.

President Barack Obama says he’s willing to negotiate with “reasonable” congressional Republicans “over policies that Republicans think would strengthen the country” — including the Affordable Care Act — as soon as the shutdown is over and the debt ceiling is raised.

Arizona Republican Reps. Matt Salmon, David Schweikert, Paul Gosar and Trent Franks are opponents of “Obamacare.” Fine. But these lawmakers need to stop obstructing and help get the government running again. Then they can make their case against the Affordable Care Act.

Holding your breath until America turns blue is not an acceptable way to win an argument.

America is polarized. Debate and compromise are essential to reach consensus. ...

People have already suffered from the partial shutdown. Ask a hotel owner near the Grand Canyon. The stakes for default are much higher, and it isn’t just the Obama administration saying that.

James E. Staley, managing partner of the hedge fund Blue Mountain Capital, says failing to raise the debt limit would be “calamitous.” Worse than the financial meltdown in 2008.

The International Monetary Fund’s chief economist Olivier Blanchard said the recovery could turn into recession if we miss the Oct. 17 deadline.

A big dose of uncertainty between now and then won’t help bring back the economic good times, either.

Meanwhile, America is wearing a clown nose on the world stage.

President Obama missed the summit of Pacific Rim leaders in Indonesia this week because of the turmoil. ...

Congress needs to get past this latest exercise in governing by crisis.

Vote to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling. Without conditions.

After that, everything is negotiable. It should be negotiable.

Republicans who believe their ideas represent the will of the people should be willing to debate those ideas on their merits without the leverage of a looming catastrophe.

— Arizona Republic,

Oct. 8

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Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/11/13 - 10:17 am
Arizona Democrat should be

Arizona Democrat should be the name of this paper.
I'll ask this question if 'What others say' makes a difference then.
Why is it that those of us who say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of this KINGS Laws which are meant as Evil Control of ALL, rather than Good for ALL which needs to be stopped not excepted and the Congress is all to blame for this shut down?
WHY is it that we others ask the Congress to PLEASE DON'T STOP THE FIGHT a wrong unacceptable option?
Why is it not the KINGS and Dem Senates fault as well?

NEWS BREAK: Just because some say it's one and not the others fault does not make it TRUE, NOW DOES IT?
I guess when the Press controls the Press and the Now Party of Choice controls them it does become true? NOT!
Please Remember You all were Warned of what was coming due to ALL THE SIGNS pointing towards a Global Economic STORM for ABSOLUTE CONTROL AND DEPENDENCE OF ALL PEOPLES.
Well it's here now and going to get worse, now what? Will some of you prepare for worse or just keep blame shifting and remain totally dependent on the KING?
So WHO is to Blame here is What I Say.

Norseman 10/11/13 - 12:25 pm
I don't remember seeing a

I don't remember seeing a "king" on the election ballot. Calling the president names as you constantly do is childish and immature.
At least respect the office, after all he was elected TWICE by the American people.
Perhaps next election your candidate will get elected, highly unlikely as the republicans keep narrowing who they allow in their tent.

Great article though and spot on. The republicans need to stop holding the American citizens hostage and go to work like we elected them to do.
Congress has the lowest rating since it's inception. Next election, every single incumbent needs to be voted out of office.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/11/13 - 01:22 pm
I do respect the Office of

I do respect the Office of President, just not this child who wants to be King and goes about doing everything he can to HAVE IT HIS WAY.
You do seem to forget all the comments you've made about Past President who you disrespect there Norseman. So WHO is childish and immature for doing exactly as you accuse others of doing?
But, not surprised at your pointing fingers at others while you do the very same acts.
I respect the office and pray for this President continually whom MY God has allowed to rise to power at this particular time in history by being elected Twice by an almost Godless America now due to that promised Fundamental Change to Believe in.
Your right we did not vote for a KING, so why should we now bend the knee and bow down to every whim this ONE demands or he will shut everything controlled by HIM down until we all do so?
As you and I display with OUR VIEWS OF RIGHT AND WRONG, we will never agree and thus OUR shutdown between each other consists and will continue to do so.
Your right, I'm Right, yet we BOTH are wrong according to each other, thus is the case NATIONALLY, but that's a lie, we can't both be right while being wrong.

It's not a GR8 Article and it's not spot on, but the Clarion printed it just like they do articles you don't like or agree with and that's OK with me.
So what's the answer? The Democrats under his highness need to stop holding ALL of America hostage along with the world as well and give in to the GOP's partial economic bills to run Govt. and stop being babies by rejecting bills to help people. When a ruler desires absolute power and is allowed any leeway they will not stop their quest until stood up to like the GOP is doing. The MADESS OF THE KING, must be stopped or WE ALL SUFFER.
Nope, we did not elect a King, but, that's exactly what we are getting as all signs point to.
That's What This Other has got to say on the subject.

Watchman on the Wall
Watchman on the Wall 10/11/13 - 01:45 pm
ONE more thing. How high is

ONE more thing. How high is Obama's approval rating as well as the Senates?
OPPS! You forgot that there are other polls that show this Truth as well didn't you Norseman.
Yep! Both sides are suffering in the approval ratings, but, some only choose to show the numbers against their foes, with Obama being the Lowest.
All the SIGNS pointed to exactly what we are seeing now and I tried to warn you and others many times that it was coming and you refused to listen just as you still do. This issue may be solved by ONE or the other giving in for a temporary relief masking the problem, but not removing it. This will not solve OUR PROBLEM, we are destined to REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT HISTORY, because WE FAILED TO LEARN FROM IT.
All this will usher OUR Nation farther off that Economic cliff to the point of no salvation any one Nationally or Globally simply for OUR refusal to learn from OUR repeated bad choices as the past 2 and other elections have shown.
We simply refuse to learn from OUR mistakes of placing OUR Faith and Hopes in men all of which OUR Forefathers, and God warned us to Be On Guard of.
They warned us of making leaders & allowing them to sneak in unaware with False Hopes and Changes which would Re-enslave us ALL ONCE AGAIN TO BEING SUBJECT to a Kings ransom with no freedom for any.
We're getting exactly what we allowed to rise to power against ALL Warnings. The Rise and Fall of America is almost come full circle. But still you refuse to listen.

Norseman 10/15/13 - 12:48 pm
..."God warned us to Be On

..."God warned us to Be On Guard of"

This thread has to do with the government shutdown. How on earth can you tie what god supposedly wants or doesn't want with our current government impasse is beyond belief.

Bottom line is for the people who were sent to DC to start doing their jobs and get our government back on track.

Raoulduke 10/16/13 - 07:27 am
And another thing

Your BELIEF in dogma does not have anything to do with FACTS.You, and your doomsday rhetoric on a daily basis.There must be a time.When you even tire of yourself.Stay on topic,and stay with a FACT,not a BELIEF.You have a very distorted view on FACTS.

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