Alaskans should build pipeline ourselves

Wow, now I read about the mega-oil companies plan to build an all-Alaska large volume gasline (Peninsula Clarion October 8, 2013). Alaskans supported the idea since 2002. Prior to this announcement on Monday, none of our elected politicians supported such a grandiose plan. But now, every politician in Alaska seems to support the hope. No guts is what I see in Juneau from Governor Parnell on down.

So should we set back and see what happens, I hope not. Our Federal Government has lost its way. Between the money printing of the Federal Reserve Bank and the fiscal policies (follies) of Washington our dollars status as the Worlds Reserve Currency is doomed.

I believe more Alaskans recognize this future reality. So what to do? The answer is simple. Just get the money and build it ourselves. Alaskans are billionaires. I bet many Alaska Native corporations would support a project that would benefit all Alaskans. Prior to his resignation, Natural Resources Commissioner Dan Sullivan signed an agreement with a “major LNG financier in Japan.”

Japan is interested in LNG, the people of Alaska are interested and now the johnny-come-lately oil corporations are interested. Let’s call the corporations’ bluff and put their feet to the fire.

Alaskans must take some of our permanent fund money along with the world’s investment money and build the all-Alaska gasline. Let’s turn our dollars into something of value, an asset.

The history of our politicians’ spineless behavior and the power of the behemoth oil corporations cannot be ignored. The people must take the lead. Remember money has no intrinsic value, our natural resources do.

If we build it they will come.


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