Review of history in order

Our country is in one of the most serious times of my lifetime from one depression to another. There has never been so much hatred expressed by the politicians of this country. I read the newspapers and watch TV and listen to radio, and even though 90 percent of the people do not want to know what is going on and the illegals do not care, just give me my goodies. A few people who have studied the history of the world understand what is going on. Do they still teach history in the public schools today or is this the reason so many parents are putting their children in private schools?


While watching TV I am amazed at watching high school students trying to hold a pen or pencil to print their lesson. We were taught in first grade how to hold a pencil so we would not adopt any bad habit or our brothers and sisters had already told us. When I look at the schools of today, they are more interested in sports or other activities and building huge beautiful school buildings but they can’t teach like we had it in the Little Old White School House on the Prairie. We didn’t even have thousands of dollars of playground equipment.

Paul D. Morrison





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