Legalizing pot opens Pandora's box

In response to “Pot or ant farms,” challenged accepted. Counselor Derleths’ paid for advertisement for legalizing pot had some good points yet falls short of bringing forth all the facts and/or unknowns. First, there is an assumption that current pot users will use pot in the same amounts and with the same behaviors when it is legal. This is a logical fallacy, known as arguing the status quo. The “a priori” issue is whether legalizing pot will increase usage and poor choices when under the influence of this drug. Second, before even looking at the criminal sanctions which I can agree are rather draconian, and perhaps require being revised, there has to be some discussion if Pandora’s box is opened of what will happen next? If we take a look at cigarettes/alcohol as barometers of social responsibility, or even fast food, clearly, at least Americans do not seem to have much restraint. Pot users have always had to look over their shoulder so their usage, unless very wealthy, is limited. Therefore, the statistics on how well behaved pot users are is rather skewed.

Moreover, pot increases the urge to sleep so with legalization and more use thereof, rest assured there will be more DUIs and accidents, not less. Of course, narcotics and alcohol are legal, and these substances are without a doubt dangerous when abused. With that said, that is the point. We know that individuals make poor choices and with more availability will most likely over indulge. Merely stating pot is less dangerous than booze is not really a intelligent rationale for legalization.

That type of argument is analogous to individuals who behave badly such as cheat on a loved one or spit on your floor then extending the right for you to do so. Hence his argument like many pro pot people goes, “Well cigarettes are bad and alcohol are bad, maybe worse but pot ‘only’ — key term — makes people sleepy/overeat( myths), then might as well make pot legal.” This simply is not a good enough argument to legalize this drug. I do not believe pot usage should have criminal sanctions, unless operating a vehicle, yet I have yet to be convinced legalizing pot would be anything other than opening up the floodgate for increasingly sleepy addicts.


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