David Wartinbee: Maintain peninsula's special quality of life

When my wife and I first visited the Kenai Peninsula back in the ’70’s, we were struck by the natural beauty but most of all by the wonderful people we met. These residents were welcoming, energetic, industrious, and they enjoyed a quality of life that was to be envied. We knew back then that this would be our home.


Our love of this community grew as we spent 14 summers here and finally became permanent residents eighteen years ago. What are the things about this community that make it so attractive?

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The schools on the Peninsula are high quality at all levels. I have seen the Elementary schools and they are second to none. The Secondary schools continually show their strength when we see where the graduates go and then their noteworthy achievements. As a college professor at KPC, I was thrilled to have so many successful high school students in my demanding classes. We have several vibrant and high quality College campuses on the Kenai Peninsula.

At KPC we are “growing our own” Nurses and Paramedics. I am proud to have been a part of developing these programs and I take pleasure in knowing how talented these professionals are. KPC is also providing the petroleum industry with highly skilled men and women for management and processing activities.

This community has valued health care and helped Central Peninsula Hospital provide ever-increasing services. There are also many other health care providers and clinics as well. This community is actually becoming a destination for health care services.

There is an efficient and modern solid waste facility with a number of products that can be recycled. Looking around the community, we have various housing and recreational options for Senior Citizens. As well, if you need to get somewhere and do not drive, there are multiple transportation opportunities.

The Kenai Peninsula is internationally renown for having breathtaking scenery and we live in the middle of it all. Adding to that beauty we have natural resources like oil, gas, and fisheries. It is no wonder that we choose to live here. We are seeing many folks choosing to retire on the Kenai Peninsula.

My wife and I have chosen to live here because of the natural beauty and the wonderful quality of live we enjoy. This is our home and we care deeply about this community.

I am a candidate for Borough Assembly with a goal of maintaining that special quality of life we have all come to enjoy. I am following in the footsteps of some previous leaders who shared my vision and created this special community. As this community grows and issues come before the Assembly, I will keep that vision as a guide. I will use common sense, logic, my scientific background, and my legal skills on decisions so this community continues to be where we all want to live and raise our families.

— David Wartinbee


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