An alternative to a police force

It’s being talked about everywhere: “Sterling residents hold suspected burglar for arrest.”


A very bad guy has been taken off the streets by residents. That’s big news.

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I’m very interested in comments concerning the apprehension of this bad guy by members of the Sterling Brotherhood. If something like this could be done to bring some notorious Nikiski bad guy to bay, it would go a long way toward getting people to rethink the LESA and the creation of a local police force.

Some folks in Nikiski are thinking, “If the Sterling Brotherhood can nab a local bad guy without spending a cent of the taxpayer’s money, why can’t something like that be done in Nikiski?” It’s a valid question! The bigger question however is why hasn’t it?

If the community doesn’t solve its own problem with its own resources, it will find someone else to take care of business ... and apparently it will on election day IF the community votes to go forward with the LESA.

Those who support a police force are doing so because there are no other alternatives that work.

If opponents to the LESA really want to stop the creation of a local police force, they need to do here what the Sterling Brotherhood did, and do it consistently and constantly.

If the people are looking for an alternative to a police force and higher taxes, there needs to be active participation and a demonstration by responsible members of the Nikiski Community to show that an alternative works. If Nikiski chooses to not police itself, someone else will be hired to do so. We’ll have our chance to vote on Oct 6.


Tue, 05/23/2017 - 11:20

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