On behalf of the three recipient families, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Eagle Angel Tree project for their amazing generosity! Without a doubt, the Eagle’s made this “the best Christmas ever!” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Tammy “Nurse Tammy” Dudley

Soldotna Elementary School
Christmas Kindness program

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals, families, organizations, and businesses that helped make our 2016 Christmas Drive a success. This year, we were able to provide Christmas dinner, toys, and winter clothing for 68 families, including 179 children, in our local schools. We want to thank everyone who donated everything from a turkey to a complete family sponsorship. Your generosity made this all possible. We feel very fortunate to live in a community that comes together year after year to help others in need during the holiday season.

Kimb Remsen, Kelly Johnson
and Barbara Ralston

Mountain View/Kenai Middle School Christmas Drive Committee

Of all the controversy regarding “invocations.” My dictionary defines an invocation as (1) an act of calling upon in prayer appealing for help or protection. A church service often begins with an invocation to God. (2) The forms of words used in this. (3) The act or process of calling forth spirits by magic words or charms.

Outside of a church service or a fortune teller’s “crystal-ball” den an invocation of a vocal nature has no rational place in determining public policy of a secular matter.

Paul Vos


As a result of series of recent events, our beloved Kenai Peninsula Community now faces serious challenges as we seek ways to help our friends and neighbors who suddenly find themselves in “a time of need.” Simultaneously, just as public and private financial aid to our local non-porfit organizations dropped dramatically the need for the services provided by said non-profits has increased at an alarming rate. Many of these non-profits literally provide the last “hope” for these folks in distress. One way to help soften this community crisis is to make contributions to the specific non-profit organizations that help meet these urgent needs. A second way to help meet this challenge is to make a contribution to UNITED WAY OF THE KENAI PENINSULA which will then allocate your contribution to the United Way Member Agencies. The KPUW Board of Directors has carefully selected a specific group of member agencies to receive your contribution that meets the challenges described above. It is amazing to learn how intertwined these agencies have become in their joint efforts to meet the increasing needs of our community. These organizations are to be complimented for their willingness to work together as opposed to “protecting their turf.” Thank you in advance for giving a moment of your time to contemplate the needs and challenges now facing our amazing communities.

Ed Krohn
and Dale Dolifka, co-chair

Kenai Peninsula United Way


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