Happy Father’s Day!

With today being Father’s Day, we invited Clarion staff to share their thoughts about what makes Dad special. Here’s what they shared:


“My dad is a meticulous man, sometimes to the point that it’s annoying. But he’s that way because he cares. A good example of this is the way we celebrated Christmas when I was a kid. Year after year, my dad carefully ate most of the cookies and drank half the milk, sprinkling crumbs convincingly around the plate. He dragged me up to our roof to put out carrots for Santa’s reindeer, then went back up after putting me to bed to stomp around with bells so that I would hear. For his final act, he took bites out of all the carrots and scattered them around the roof, bringing me back up there to see them on Christmas morning. And I always had the best Christmas. Thanks for teaching me it’s all in the details, Dad. It’s a lesson I still use today.”

— Megan Pacer, reporter

“My Dad is my hero. There’s no two ways about it. Despite some bumps along the road, overall he’s been one of my favorite humans. He has never met a stranger, only friends he hasn’t run into yet. He can shoot the breeze with anyone, and he would (and has!) give you the shirt off his back over and over again if you needed it. He loves with his whole heart, selflessly, and protects his own with a fierceness that defies explanation. I’m forever grateful that we did not lose him, that the medical professionals here brought him back time and time again until he gave up and stayed here a little longer. He’s been the awesomest of dads, the bestest granddad to my kids, and the man I hope my son grows up to be. Happy Father’s Day, old fart.

“And a special Father’s Day to my husband too — he walked into a houseful of mostly grown and fiercely independent women, and has survived to tell the tale. You are the bravest of men, and the love of my life. Thank you for treating mine as yours, and for the love and support you’ve shown them — and me. I couldn’t ask for a better partner. Happy Father’s Day!

“And to my children’s late father — thank you for giving me the three best gifts in the entire world. You are loved and missed, every day.”

— Beth Ulricksen, account executive

“I am my father’s daughter, come with it the good and the bad, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

— Kat Soresnen, reporter

“Two of my cousins recently became fathers. Watching them each hold their sons, I can’t help but remember us pushing each other into swimming pools when we were children or the friendly aggression that ensued when one of us took the lead in Mario Kart. Knowing them as long as I have, it’s a wonderful mystery to see how becoming fathers has deepened the caring and patient parts of them while leaving their personal quirks intact, allowing them to bear the responsibility of caring for a child while still being the men I know so well.”

— Elizabeth Earl, reporter

“I’d like to thank my dad for introducing me to skiing at a young age. Thanks to him, I’ve always been able to handle myself on a pair of skis. But my dad’s real passion is fishing, so naturally I started young there as well. Thanks to him I’ve always been a good … um … er … never mind.”

— Jeff Helminiak, Sports editor

“As dads, we always try to pass on some bits of acquired wisdom to our kids — much of it things we’ve learned the hard way. The most gratifying part of being a dad — whether it’s being a father to your own kids or mentor to others — is seeing your kids put just one little bit of that advice to good use.”

— Will Morrow, editor

From everyone here at the Clarion, happy Father’s Day.


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