Voices of the Peninsula: Congratulations to peninsula’s class of 2018

We have come to the end of a productive year in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. I am very proud of our staff and students, and especially for their individual accomplishments that are often not known to others outside of close family and friends.


The Class of 2018 graduates are enrolled in a wide variety of postsecondary institutions, ranging from the University of Alaska to Duke University to West Point. Graduates enlist in the military and set off to boot camp this summer to continue to serve their communities. Industry certifications have been earned, and many thousands of dollars of scholarships awarded.

We see how many of our students contribute back to our local communities through service projects that make our hometowns a better place and make the peninsula an attractive place to live.

This is only possible because of the support from our communities, the state and the borough. Without a commitment from the Alaska Legislature to forward fund public education, the school district would see staff reductions that would negatively impact classrooms. Thank you to Sens. Peter Micciche, and Gary Stevens, and Reps. Mike Chenault, Gary Knopp, Paul Seaton and Louise Stutes for your unwavering support of the students in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

The borough is currently working toward a long-term plan to provide certainty to our schools. I believe our borough assembly and administration are working hard to develop a sustainable funding plan that will benefit our children and their future. Some tough decisions will need to be made and the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District stands ready to work with the borough in making these decisions.

The school district has shared our budget issues – with more than $8 million in direct reductions over the past few years – and we have made tough decisions to provide the best possible instructional system for our students.

Of course, parents and the community are crucial partners in the success of our schools. Involved parents and community members create opportunities for students.

This school year, 3,781 volunteers served in our schools. Support comes in many forms and the most valuable is engagement. When you ask questions, partner with teachers and schools, advocate and provide your time and expertise, you are offering the best form of support our students need in order to prepare for life. We greatly appreciate everything that parents and communities do to help us get our students ready for their future.

Thank you Kenai Peninsula. This year we have taken more steps forward together on behalf of our students as they continue on this journey called life. Be proud of our kids; I know I am.

Sean Dusek


Kenai Peninsula Borough School District


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