Racetrack noise leaves property owner disgruntled

This Wednesday the Kenai City Planning & Zoning will decide the fate of the Motor Cross Racing at the Twin Cities Raceway. Will they shoot the city’s recent efforts to become an “All American City” right in the foot? Or give the local residents the relief they seek from the Motor Cross  Nuisance Noise we can all hear from the track? The recent conflict has come to pass due local residents complaints about the legal requirements of disclosure as well as the noise. It is unfair to require a disclosure to any prospective buyer, of the noisy track in the area or face legal damages. Courts nation wide have said that type of demunision of property values and rights is illegal! Yet the political hot potato is still on the plate.

Back in 1972 the EPA did not yet have information concerning the harmful effects of Nuisance Noise on the population at large. The EPA has identified “Nuisance Noise” as a health risk to the general population at large. And motor cross, motor cycle noise as the No. 1 offender for generating noise that has the capacity to affect the quality of daily living. Back in 1972 our City forefathers could not see how 250 or more local residents would face being sued for not disclosing the location of the track in a land or property sale. This requirement places an unforeseen and unfair burden on local residents. The Twin Cities Racing Lions feel they have Grandfather Rights along with the Stock Cars. Well what about our Grandfather Property rights? You see our old grandfather rights are still out there and just as powerful in Court as the TCRL. But the fact that it is illegal to cause harm to anyone’s normal use of their property seems to be getting ignored. The local residents are seeking relief from these kind of burdens that don’t exist in an “All American City.”


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