Getting stuck not good for trails

I’m writing in response to Friday’s article “Stuck In The Mud: It’s a Good Thing.” I am taken back by the mindset, that going out on state, borough, Native or private land, with the idea to get as stuck as you can, is a good thing. All you have to do is check out the new trails or mud bogs that are showing up along the Sterling, K-beach and other roads on the peninsula to see the damage that has been done. No doubt the popularity of all types of ATVs are on the rise, and is resulting in the rutting up of trails and right of ways all around the peninsula.

I am mainly concerned about the Caribou Hills area. I have snowmachined and four-wheeled this area since 1969. My wife and I have raised three children using our cabin in the area, and have lived here the last thirteen years. We have seen many changes in the trails in the past years. My wife and I are both very active in the Caribou Hills Cabin Hoppers and in no way does the Cabin Hoppers condone or organize any behavior that would result in damage or destruction of any trail system in the Caribou Hills.

CHCH is in support of  activities like WOW ride (way out women for cancer), NAPA fun run (which helps Safekids helmet program) the GO-block mating on the water hole trail, bridges, signs, help with Search and Rescue in the hills and grooming the trails in the winter. Respect of the trails starts at the top: parents pass it down to your children, so your kids have a place to go and enjoy like we do.


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