Area for Kasilof dipnetting should expand

I would like to know what the reasoning is behind closing the beach outside the Kasilof River to dipnetting? The beach that goes along the river channel on the south side of the river has been open to dipnetting since dipnetting began. Last year it was changed. The person or persons who changed it obviously put very little thought into their decision and simply chose an easy way to make a boundary.

Lately the Kasilof river has received a lot of attention to help preserve it for future generations. If we are really trying to preserve the river then why would anybody in their right mind condense the dipnet fishery any more than it already is? The area that was closed is the least sensitive area to fish along the whole river. It is a firm gravely beach that is covered by every high tide that comes in. Anybody who is capable of picking up a dip net can fish there. I have seen handicapped people fish this area as well as many of our communities elderly. A child can stand along this beach with a dipnet and catch a fish when the run is peaking.

Access to the Kasilof river dipnet fishery is very limited and now 200 yards of the best beach to fish on has been taken away by one or two public employees. Up until last year the mouth of the river, defined by mean low or low water, was the lower boundary for the dipnet fishery.

Our family and many other local as well as out of town families have dipnetted this stretch of beach for the last 20 years. Now one person waves his hand like some sort of dictator and says we can’t fish there anymore. I thought decisions like that were to be made by our board of fish and the people of the State of Alaska.


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