Kenai High School’s 50th Reuinion 2011 a huge success

As president of the Class of 1961, I would like to thank a very special committee that made these events happen for our July 8 Reunion Dinner at Paradisos Restaurant, close to 70 in attendance, and July 9 Reunion Picnic at the Cotton Moore Homestead, close to 90 in attendance.

The reunion planning began 13 months ago and involved many hours of meetings, long hours spent tracking down classmates, securing venues, decorating, arranging for music etc. None of this could have been possible without the help of the following classmates, and our class history will be forever preserved:

Doug Jones, who secured and provided our class with a full year’s use of our Web site. Please feel to visit our Web site for another couple of months at to see “The Good Old Days”; Carroll Madden/Knutsen responsible for great artwork on tables, etc.; Myla Moore/McFarland,  responsible for most of the artwork on our 60’s posters and securing the picnic venue; her brother Denty Moore and wife Chris for the great second-to-none barbecue; Wes Meeks, dubbed “Go to Guy” secured music, chairs, firewood, etc. and often bought us “girls” lunch at committee meetings; Janice Walker/Wilsack secured many names and phone numbers from earlier classmates for “Callouts”; Ami Jo Porter/Rediske for the 1957-58 phone book; Bonnie Haviland/Attleson, Phyllis Wilson/Bookey, Annette Hakkinen/Spruce, and Gloria Wik, who contacted younger classmates through classes of 1964; Dianne Moran/Cooper from Tehachapi, California; Irene White/Varhaug, Monroe, Washington; Rhoda Sandstrom/Carignan, Cedaredge, Colorado; and Amber Berton/Hall from Gordonsville, Virginia; for pitching in upon arrival and making good things happen; Carole Olsen/Bear, dubbed “Old Money Bags” who collected $$$ for events and secured the artwork for our great T-Shirts (Carole’s daughter Carly  Reimer started adding bio’s and pictures to our Web site making it an interesting place to visit.); Our newly adopted classmate Debbie Sonberg dubbed “Magic Wand Lady,” producer of our slide show, Web editing and photography, and upcoming DVD; Russell Sonberg also photographer, dubbed “Split the Pot” ticket man; Harry House and Paul Coleman for donating the most “Good Old Days”; pictures to be on our Web and in our slide show.
Many other classmates also contributed. I honor and cherish the hard work and friendship of each of you.

Special thanks to our contributors: James Price designed and hung our Reunion 2011 Banner; Lowell at Polar Screens designed and produced our great T-Shirts; Special Thanks to Kim Dent (Kenai B&G Club) for the great tour of the Old High School; City of Kenai, for the use of their 50-year Banner Placemats; Printers Ink, for printing the place mats; Paradisos Restaurant and Nena for marvelous service and superb prime rib dinner; Air Liquide, First National Bank Alaska, Home Depot, & Walmart; and the Kenai Peninsula Historical Photo Repository for the use of images which represented many of the families of the graduating classes at the reunion.


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