Here’s what’s going on at CPH

Ever since I joined the CPGH, Inc. Board of Directors in 2005, people I meet ask, “What’s going on at the hospital?” Many times the person is just making interested conversation but when CPH is in the news, it’s usually an explanation they’re seeking. Most recently, CPH has been in the news because our Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Smith and our Chief Financial Officer, Jason Paret, have announced their resignations. Their reasons are both personal and public and some have been reported previously in the Clarion. Indeed, this is a time of transition in leadership for our organization.

Nevertheless, the answer to the question “What’s going on at the hospital?” is an easy one. The 700-plus amazing professionals — the physicians, nurses, employees and volunteers are there, as always, providing excellent health care services in a caring, safe, patient-focused environment. This team of experts at the hospital, Heritage Place and Serenity House, is devoted to meeting all the health care needs of our patients and our community. While it is true that some of the faces in leadership may change from time to time, the highest quality care remains constant at CPH, thanks to our remarkable care partners and professionals.

Another part of the answer to “What’s going on?” is that we have new programs, new technology and new people. We have a new spine surgery program and several new physicians have joined our community. We have started a new program to help diagnose and prevent osteoporosis. We have a new Chief Operating Officer, Rick Davis, who will join us in August. Rick, coming to us from Alaska Regional in Anchorage, brings with him more than a decade of hospital administration experience and a love of the Kenai Peninsula and its people.

CPH’s tradition of exceptional leadership at all levels makes it possible for CPH stay the course and even grow through times of transition. Strong leadership built the foundation on which this outstanding organization is based and strong leadership brings a commitment to continuously refining our processes to make them ever better in the best interest of our patients. The CPGH, Inc. Board ensures that even through transition, CPH will be the hospital you already depend on and that is a cornerstone of our wonderful community. We will also take great care in searching for and selecting new leaders, with the same focus on our mission, who will guide CPH into the future, ready to fulfill and exceed our region’s expectations.


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