Corporate control needs to stop

Corporate control of Washington D.C. is ongoing. (see-Wall Street Journal July 29,2011-”Why Americans are so angry”). Most Alaskans realize Washington is broken and the politicians refuse to fix it. We must demand our State Legislators do what is in the best interest for the people of Alaska.

Washington DC is corrupt to the core (see-Government Accountability Office-GAO report-”Federal Reserve System” July 21, 2011).

Alaska must step forward with sound economic processes and develop a large gasline for the future of Alaskans. In a recent report dated July 27, 2011 called “Alaskan LNG Exports Competitiveness Studies,” it is shown how a large gasline would be in the best interests for the people of Alaska.

Juneau must remember, Alaskans will hold them responsible for the future, of Alaska, regardless of the hopelessness of the federal government.

It is past time for Alaska to step up and out from Washington controlled corruption and build the gasline now.


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