Leadership matters

On June 25 and 26, 1876, a group blindly followed their leader into battle. He believed he had a good plan; however, the information it was based on was poor and incomplete. The tragic results were the loss of 268 lives in his forces, including his own, and many more on the opposing side.  This snapshot in history occurred at the Little Bighorn river. The leader was General George Custer.

I only mention this because it seems to epitomize the expression, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”. If you weren’t around in 1876, then keep an eye on Washington. I think we are seeing a replay at this time with several generals telling their troops to stand their ground and not yield.

The general in the White House appears to have directed his Democratic forces in Congress to continue the battle, raise the debt limit, refuse to comprise, stand their ground, and not to think about the impact of these actions on the nation and world.

The Republicans forces have their orders, continue to battle, don’t raise taxes on our rich friends with deep pockets, refuse to compromise, and forget the resulting impact to the nation and world.

The Tea Partiers appear to be under orders to fight for a decrease in the national debt, control future spending,  and above all, stand your ground and refuse compromise, and don’t think about the impact these actions will have on the nation and the world.

The term, for the good of the nation doesn’t seem to appear anywhere in these battle plans.  Is this really what we expected when we elected these people to office?  Not me, I find it sickening!


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