Department of Transportation does not listen

Driving to town last Saturday on the North Cohoe Loop I saw a backhoe digging a ditch for a new culvert on a driveway approach. On my way home I saw a woman standing out in front of the driveway. I told her the culvert was not necessary because there never was water there nor would there ever be water there. The driveways on either side of her do not have culverts, so what good is hers? She said the Alaska Division of Transportation just passed a law requiring the culvert.

I watched the DOT destroy the culverts on our road in 50 years. The superintendent was supposed to mark them. He did not, so the graders cut the ends off or bent them shut, cut the top off of one and filled it full of gravel. The end of one culvert was buried two feet into the road. What was passed for road maintenance was really road destruction.

Why their sudden interest in culverts?

Countries all over the world are strapped with public employee entitlements. We the people have to question the competence of these employees. It isn’t enough that we pay their entitlements now we have to pay for stupid blanket legislation. We should not. We should go to court and force the DOT to prove the culvert is necessary. Blanket legislation eases the task of the legislators with no concern for the expense to the individual.

The lower part of our road has no travel on it so does not need grading. The superintendent sent two graders to it in two weeks. One grader had his blade full on a road that did not need grading. He brought up the rocks and buried that nice fine gravel turning a smooth road into a rough one. I called and left a message that we people should have a say because we live on these roads. They do not. The DOT represents government in general. They do not listen.


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