Bike and Skate Challenge a success

The Second Annual City of Soldotna Bike and Skate Challenge took place on Saturday, July 16 at the Soldotna Bike and Skate Park. Attendees arrived to find a perfect 70 degree day with sunny skies, a free BBQ, live music by the Mabreys, a table full of trophies and a large crowd of spectators and competitors there to enjoy the event.

The event was generously sponsored by The City of Soldotna, Soldotna Parks and Recreation, ConocoPhillips, City Council Members Regina Daniels, Dale Bagley and Brenda Hartman, Duke's Transmission, McDonald's, The Cunningham Family, Soldotna Police Chief John Lucking, Beemun's, Erin and Madeline Micciche, Homer Electric Association, Andrew Carmichael, Kyle Kornelis, Sean and Krista Schooley, AddixPro, The Mabrey's, The Joe Gallagher Family and Merrill Sikorski.

There were BMX, skate, scooter and best trick competition events with approximately 50 highly-skilled athletes from as far away as New Zealand entered in the competition.  Results were as follows:
* Beginner/intermediate skateboard class, Tim Zoda took first, Rhodes Warner took second and Henry Young took third place.
* Intermediate/advanced skateboard class, Mark Jackson took first, Kyle Eckerman took second and Matt Heminger took third place.
* Open class scooter competition, Jon Voight took first, Riley McAtee took and second and Michael Birch took third place.
* BMX 13 and under beginner/intermediate class, Kalhoa Kaona took first, Tristan Warner took second and Bradley Kishbaugh took third place.
* BMX 13-16 beginner/intermediate, Garrett Fitt took first, Brandon Penrod took second and Montana Landess took third place.
* BMX 13-16 intermediate/advanced class, Sean McComb took first, Riley Edwards took second and Duke Hardcastle took third place.
* BMX 17 and up beginner/intermediate class, Jeremiah Voight took first, Jon Voight took second and Oley Stevens took third place.
* BMX 17 and up intermediate/advanced class, Kaleb Paulus took first, Jake Graham took second and Travis Bittick took third place.
* Finally, the "Best Trick" went to Kaleb Paulus for perfectly landing a backflip on the park's large quarter pipe on his second BMX trick run.
Trophies were awarded to the leading three athletes in each division at the Soldotna City Council meeting on July 27. There we learned that young BMX and Skate enthusiasts at the Soldotna Park are forming a non-profit by the name of "The Soldotna Tribe" to work to raise funds for park improvements and maintenance.  

A big Soldotna "thank you" to all the competitors, parents, sponsors, the City of Soldotna and the Soldotna City Council for putting on the event. A special thanks to the bike and skate kids for their sportsmanship, support for fellow competitors and their willingness to work to make Soldotna an even greater place to live, bike and skate.  The city looks forward to seeing you all at the next Bike and Skate Challenge competition.


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