Election time: give me specifics

I am looking forward with a certain amount of disdain to the upcoming 15 months. It has already begun with Romney and others. We are about to be inundated with campaigns deluging us with Washington’s latest scapegoat — the blame game.

Elections are coming. Television will be saturated with political ads. Phones will be ringing with surveys on your feelings about certain candidates and issues. Flyers will arrive in the U.S. mail and by email. Recorded messages from candidates will interrupt your meals. I understand even cell phone users will not be immune to this invasion of privacy.

Some of the facts are that this country is further in debt than it has ever been. We have military serving all over the world at great expense to you and me. America is spending billions, if not trillions of dollars waging war against those who our leaders feel present a threat to our way of life. The nation’s credit rating has just been reduced for its first time in history. We provide more money to the United Nations than any other country. Unemployment in the U.S. is having a tremendous impact on federal and state funds. We are giving money to countries that are on record as not siding with us. The list goes on. Who’s to blame?  Although neither will admit it, both parties can take equal responsibility.

If my life has to be interrupted by political campaigning I want to hear specifics about what the candidates propose to get us back on track. Blame game psychology doesn’t work with me. Telling me that I should vote for a person because that person’s spiel says the “other” party caused this dilemma implies that I don‘t have enough intelligence to make my own determination. Terms such as, more money for schools, more money for jobs, etc, are nothing but ancient rhetoric. If you tout more money for jobs, tell me how those funds will be appropriated, where they will come from, and how you propose to use them to increase the job market. Tell me what your plans are. Where do you stand on Medicare, Social Security, and other entitlement programs? Give me some specifics, not general statements. Let me, the voter, decide whether you merit a chance in Washington.


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