In response to Greg Brush's column "Are our Kenai kings done"

I expect Greg is sincere in his concern for the survival of Kenai kings, but, in my opinion, he needs to reconsider a couple of things.

1-  Let's stop pretending that over-escapement is a myth; there's too much credible biology to the contrary. Alaska salmon biology recognizes the consequences of putting too many salmon in a system with a limited nutrient source. This is science...not opinion.

2- How do you accept your share of ownership of the declining king salmon issue...and then turn around and blame ADF&G? ADF&G is expected to achieve miracles with a Board of Fish mandate with complicated allocative directives that tie F&G's hands from otherwise biological management.

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3- It's time to stop referring to east side set-netters king salmon catch as "incidental by-catch". Kenai River king salmon do not belong to the Kenai River guides. The kings belong to all users. Cook Inlet set-netters and drifters have harvested and sold Cook Inlet kings long before river guides showed up on the Kenai. Non-guided hook and line fishermen, PU fishermen, and dip-netters are all just as entitled to harvesting king salmon as the guides are.

4- And finally when you suggest elevating Kenai River Kings to "trophy" status ... as if that were a title of nobility, let's remember a few short years ago when the motto was "the most valuable salmon was the one on the dinner table." When a group tries to suggest that hooking a king salmon and releasing it to be hooked again is somehow more valuable than the main course on the dinner table... I think you might have found a battle you're going to lose.


Tue, 05/23/2017 - 11:20

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