Box store departure has reader upset

Once upon a time there was a  “Big Corporate America store” named Lowe’s. Lowe’s moves to a peaceful kind town in Kenai, Alaska and brings shiny toys to buy and gives jobs to 79 of the people in the town. Many very kind hearted people, especially the managers Rose, Amber and Mike who work very hard and treat their employees very kindly. The employees work diligently day and night and take pride in their work, and reach their goals as a team, all seems business as usual.

The sad truth is the “Big Corporate America Store” Lowe’s doesn’t give a milt sack’s worth of compassion about their employees. Yes this is so sad but true ... the loyal hardworking people in our community show up at work last night and the doors are locked. For good! The employees had zero warning about their employer closing up and skipping town! Ugghhh — I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it! No communication and no compassion!

What is Lowe’s going to do for these people in our community? How can we as a community help them? I personally get hot when I give my time and care for people in my life and they leave me in the dark and snub me. I certainly would not take kindly to this as an employee. I’m praying for all of the members of our community who have been affected.


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