A ‘Democrat’ works program that worked

My memory is getting fuzzy and totally confused after listening to all the TV stations, and newspapers and radio about “Jobs” — ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, HLN; NBC — and believe me trying to sort out all the lies from this collection of screamers is almost impossible.  My mother had a wood paddle which was used to teach me about telling “lies.”  None of the above people must have not had mothers like mine.


This program I want to talk about is past history and that is not taught in schools today. I remember “WPA,” “CCC” poorly because I was born in 1932 and during my country school times, they were in operation.

One of my uncles worked on the construction of the Alaska Highway. He sent every penny of his earnings home to his family as they had room and board supplied.

In our travels around the good old U.S. of A. we have had the pleasure of seeing and exploring dozens of stone structures built by one or both of these great programs.  They paid at that time about the same as Minimum Wage with board and room.  Try visiting the Grand Canyon to see a couple.  None of these hard working people were being paid by union enforced government minimun wages for union jobs. They were happy to get a few dollars to send home to their familes.

We lived on a farm on one of the very few North-South highways in Northern Iowa. Daily during this period of time in the summer time, we had men with satchels over their shoulders walking from farm to farm and town to town seek any kind of work. The would gladly mow parts of our 1/4 acre farm yard, with a push mower while my mother was cooking, this was the days before, electricity and running water and indoor plumbing that today’s people would simply die without. While they were mowing, my mother would be cooking bacon, eggs potatoes, toast and always had coffee or milk. My Christian mother would never send a person from her door hungry.

We have tried to feed Africa and the rest of the world since I was a child, but the rest of the world has just sat on the buns and begged for more. My parents belonged to the “Christian & Missionary Alliance Church of Osage, Iowa” almost all their lives. When I was small, a young lady from the church who had gone to high school with my older brothers and sisters went  to Africa in the mid 1930s as a missionary; I see the exact same pictures today of the Africans starving and living in a shack.

Trillions of dollars of our debt has been sent to gangster-like governments where they hate us and confiscate all the money from the poor, yet our politicians both Democrat and Republican just keep rubber stamping these programs putting my grand children in the position of living in a country which will resemble Africa and the rest of the third world countries.

I realize this may be really difficult to many readers to digest, but my days are very short and if I don’t speak the truth as I see it, God bless everyone and may God bless America — Vote, vote, vote.


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