Gad has been busy creating jobs

It is very sad that some people think the word “GOD” should be removed from all things in our good old country. Why are they so selfish? Just close your ears and eyes, in the first depression, religion was the glue that held this country together. There was no money, but almost all activities were supplied by the churches and the gatherings and social activities. In a recent look at my H.S. Yearbooks, for 1946 through 1950, I looked at all my teachers and student friends. I believe 90 percent of my fellow students attended church. I know that every teacher I had from 1 through 12 were churchgoers. The most important thing was there was no drugs. I never saw a teacher wear a political badge neither teach who to vote for like today. That was our parents’ job. Sadly 50 percent of the families are not families today.

While “God” has been so busy the last few days, our leader has been playing golf, our Congress, half of them millionaires, and half of them lawyers, have been on vacation. The use of Presidential Proclamation has became the main way of creating new laws and tegulations without congressional consent. A presidential proclamation could be made for maybe 2 years that would allow all EPA and all government agencies who are holding up almost every development and exploration program in this country to permit them to proceed and if there are some small accidents, “Fix Them.” Businesses cannot survive under the burden of all these regulations.

What the outcome of this would be is that hundreds of thousands of people would be going to work at “bid” competetive prices. That would start money from taxes to start flowing, money to Social Security and Medicare, unemployment funds, people able to spend money and feed their families. Cut Medicaid  to the millions who are not entitled to it and put a little of that money in to help Medicare. We have paid for Medicare, but the illegals have paid nothing and get better coverage. I would like to exercise my VFW right to say God Bless You and God Bless America. Remember, old men don’t fight fair.


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