Sound study doesn't sound good

A government study of the sounds of the Caribou Hills can lead to no good. What is he going to hear? A shrew rummaging around under the snow looking for some food, or a weasel hunting the shrew? A moose tromping through the woods or a bear looking for food? A wolf hunting and howling or maybe a coyote traveling? You can bet whatever the government is looking for will affect the local people.

This man is about 35 years too late to hear what the Caribou Hills were all about. In 1977, we moved to Alaska and my first trip to the hills was to help friends build a cabin for snowmobiling and also hunting. We formed a snowmobile club which used crates and boxes and insulation and any waste from the construction of the New Union Chemicals plant. A lot of hard work and building a stove for a cabin to sleep 18 people was actually much more fun than work.

This gentleman never saw all the children and grandchildren who had the times of their lives sliding down a big hill near the cabin and then being towed back up the hill. He never attended one of the New Year’s parties and fire works enjoyed by anyone who wanted to attend who were at their cabins. There were no animals out to be scared, they were asleep or hiding or gone to a lower elevation. My wife and I spent a few days at the cabin and the only visitor we had was the ermine climbing on our food box trying to get into where he smelled meat. Shine the flashlight on him and he would stand up and give you a bad look. At times we almost had the total silence we talked about in a previous letter.

When I finally got rid of my third snowmobile, the mileage on the three almost totaled 50,000 miles having the time of our lives in the greatest snowmachining place in Alaska. I realize that over the years the trails have developed many bad spots in them, but every year, the grass comes back up and tries to heal the previous season’s use.

How much of a million dollars is this little party costing? We have people starving and homeless and millions without jobs. We try to feed the world, but in all our tragedies and storms, the billions of dollars to repair, and our government keeps sending bribe money to the countries who hate us. God Bless America; vote, vote, vote.

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