Aerial wolf hunting on the Peninsula?

If I told you that aerial wolf gunning was being planned for the Kenai Peninsula, you’d probably think I was making it up. I wish I were. Unfortunately that is exactly what the Board of Game has in store for us this winter. This last week the Board released the proposal book for their November meeting in Barrow. In it are two placeholders – proposals 35 and 36 – for intensive management plans which will include aerial wolf gunning to protect moose in Units 15A and 15C. ADF&G apparently didn’t have enough time to complete the full plans in time for the proposal book’s release so we won’t be know the full story until “sometime before the November meeting.”

It’s bad enough that the Board asked ADF&G to consider aerial wolf control, which really has no place on the Kenai and is not supported by scientific evidence, but it seems that they are also preventing those who will be affected by the programs from voicing their disapproval in a public forum. Not only will we have little time to comment on the substance of the proposals due to their late release, the Board will be considering aerial wolf gunning on the Kenai Peninsula at the Arctic region meeting in Barrow rather than during the next Southcentral meeting in Anchorage.

For years the Board of Game has been aggressively expanding their predator control programs; now they want to bring it to our doorstep without giving us adequate opportunity to weigh in. Enough is enough. This Board won’t listen to scientific reasoning; it’s up to us to let them know that aerial wolf control is not the future we want for our Peninsula despite the obstacles they’ve put in our path.


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