DOT requirements unreasonable

My wife receives the Sterling Senior Center News (The Centerfold) and as I was browsing the Sept. 2011 issue I came across the Board of Directors News: “The Alaska DOT is making us move our sign as it is 3.5 feet into the right-of-way.”

SCC (Sterling Senior Center) has gone out of its way to accommodate the community. It provides numerous services for the elder. It has sheltered a church until they could do it themselves, weddings, retirement parties, fundraisers for groups/persons who need it.

SCC would not be here without the volunteers and donations it receives. I would guess that it will take $5,000 to move the sign 3.5 feet. What plans does the State have that it’s so important to move that sign? Is the State going to put in a rail system between Soldotna and Sterling and just have to have that 3.5 feet? Or maybe landscape the right-of-way? So they (DOT) can plant grass and mow it 2-3 times a year? Currently, they let bushes grow up as high as a moose and then hire a contractor to mow them down. That is, what the four-wheelers and dirt bikes don’t destroy. SSC relies heavily on donations to stay open and provide for the community. Where as, all HEA (another so called non-profit) has to do is ‘press the easy button – the RCA’ and up goes the rates.

So from now on any one who sees a State vehicle on private property, stop and tell the driver/drivers they have no business any where other than state property — right-of-ways.


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