Navarre offers leadership

I have known Mike and Fred (mayor candidates for the KPB) for a number of years. Both serve a role in our community but the contrast in style and experience is significant. Fred polarizes and that is needed to get a movement mobilized and before the public. Mike de-polarizes which makes government work through settlement and compromise. He has demonstrated this from 1984-1996 when he was one of the last Statesmen in the Legislature. He also was House Majority leader for 89-90.


Fred is well meaning but not experienced in handling the complexities of a large corporation/budget. Mike in contrast has successfully run the KPB as a previous mayor.

Fred is a good person who has not really involved himself with positive community activities other than self-interest tax/regulatory issues. Mike works hard for the Boys and Girls club and other non-profit organizations.

Fred has little or negative experience relating to other local/state/or federal government officials/representatives. His lack of knowledge of issues between the KPB and these groups is significant. Mike has the knowledge and polite style to represent the KBP well in these conversations. Insufficient knowledge would put the KPB mayor at a severe disadvantage.

In summary, Fred will continue a distrust of government that is destructive to our communities and those to KPB employees he will supervise. Mike will lead us in a positive direction where we can trust government to provide our essential services and be transparent.

The choice is clear in my mind. I want positive de-polarized leadership -- not one who polarizes and cannot get anything accomplished.


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