Friends, family appreciate response in time of need

At a time like this, we are at a loss for words when a loved one is lost. How to say it to bring comfort? How to say we care? How to say that we understand? CES, Peninsula Memorial Chapel, Alaska State Troopers-E-Dispatch, and the wonderful woman that took the call-your actions say it all.

To the men and women of the Emergency Response team that responded to the Faigle home on Sept. 27, 2011-Thank You! During an extreme time of stress while we tried to give our husband, friend, father, and brother another chance at life, your calm demeanor was greatly appreciated. You all came to our aid quickly and professionally. The CES Chaplain was an excellent source of faith in our time of need. Although our friend did not make it, we truly appreciate all of the efforts from the dispatch to the folks at the Peninsula Memorial Chapel. Thank you.

With the assistance of the CES team, friends and family were able to say a final goodbye with dignity and respect. You treated each of us that showed up with the utmost care, and your efforts will never be forgotten. Thank you will never be enough, but please know that the folks on this end are truly and deeply appreciative.


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