Sturman is an agent for change

I would like to express my support for Fred Sturman. He has worked hard for years to bring many important issues before the people.


In 2001, Fred cosponsored the initiative that forced the Borough to bring the issue of their proposed Borough-funded construction of a private prison to the voters. His sponsorship helped insure that local citizens had the opportunity to stop that terrible project.

In 2008, Fred cosponsored the initiative that created your sales tax exemption for groceries. While the Borough laments over their perceived loss of revenue, I would like to remind you that the Borough raised the sales tax rate from 2% to 3% earlier that same year, so the Borough never actually lost any revenue, they simply gained less. Local families save hundreds of dollars every year due to Fred's good work.

Fred has worked as a founding board member and cosponsor for many ACT (Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers) initiatives, which have directly saved local taxpayers a significant amount of money. He also cosponsored term limits initiatives in 2007 and 2009, which created an opportunity for citizen representatives, not career politicians, to serve on our Borough Assembly.

Our Borough Assembly has ignored, watered down or attempted to reverse every Borough initiative approved by the people since 2003. Fred has worked with ACT to protect our right of access and to demand respect for the will of the voters through the initiative process. There are now two cases awaiting decision before the Alaska Supreme Court to protect the rights of citizens to the initiative process because of Fred's activism.

I have filed a lawsuit before the Superior Court, asking for an injunction to force the Borough Clerk to reverse her 2010 denial of a referendum that would have granted the voters the right to overturn the Borough Assembly's ordinance that gave the general law cities the opportunity to ignore our 2008 grocery tax initiative. Without the Borough authority granted through their ordinance, the general law cities would have been forced to rescind their municipal collection of grocery tax and local residents would have received the full measure of grocery tax relief through the successful 2008 ballot initiative. That legal battle is ongoing.

Over the last decade, Fred has communicated with thousands of Borough residents regarding Borough issues. If elected, Fred will bring a unique perspective to the office of Borough Mayor.

If you want Borough government to represent the will of the people, you must elect people who will support and defend your right to the initiative process. For years, Fred has demonstrated his willingness to fight to support the will of the people. Fred can be your agent for change.

If you want a Borough Mayor to serve the people, rather than to work against you, please consider Fred Sturman for Borough Mayor on October 25th.


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