Reader has questions for Sturman

Throughout this campaign you have referred to all of the meetings that you have attended over the years and boasted that possibly nobody goes to more. Many who are involved know your history of showing up for meeting in protest of introduced policy. To this I ask: What board or committees have you served, to aid in the development of policy for our community? What elected councils, boards or assemblies? For instance: Fire Service, Hospital, City Council, HEA, Borough or School? What is your experience on volunteer committees? Such as: School Curriculum, Borough and City Planning, PTA, or any Community Issue Group? How about non-profit affiliations? Like: Food Bank, Hospice, Boys and Girls Club or United Way.

You and your supporters have crafted your image as:  enemy of taxation and spending. The truth is that you are often uninformed and frequently become involved only in the eleventh hour. You have created a name for yourself by being a disruption to process, but taking no part in what led to the construction of the end product. You have proven yourself to be a champion against many things ... but what in our community have you given your time to build?


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